Lion's Favorite Things!

You guys, I am turning 31!!! I am way more excited about turning 31 than I was about turning 30. I think it’s because when compared to people in their 30’s I am just a baby. I have so far to go until I am 40 which is the real age that scares me. (already starting my counseling for that one)

To celebrate the fact that time is passing by too quickly we are doing a

BIRTHDAY GIVE AWAY!!!! (Cue marching band and the large elephant carrying me on his back.)

So what am I going to give you? Well here is a list of my most favorite things that I would love to give away to one very special person.

Here are the rules:

  1. Like this post on our Facebook  page and this picture on Instagram 
  2. Please share this post on your wall to spread the love. That is what it is all about anyways
  3. Must be resident of canada only. (sorry india, I know you love me)
  4. Contest Ends 9pm Friday May 27th (my actual birthday)

Here is what is up for grabs :


A Few of Lion’s Favorite Things:


-Lion the Birthday Girl


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