Ripple Effect of Change

I have been a little hesitant to share some of what my life has been like in the past few months. It has been filled with moving, chaos,coffee, toddler tantrums, accidents, sleep deprivation, buying, coffee, driving (lots of driving), firsts, lasts, etc.

Loving sushi date with my little.

It all started back in February, when we were finally able to start the process of looking for a new home! we have been renting (we thought for life) and have lived in a 4 bedroom large old rancher home in a little less desirable neighborhood. we made it our home, the place our son learned to CIO, crawl, walk, laugh, play in the backyard, run, fall, eat solids, and have his first official bedroom all to himself. We also brought home our second. I have had a lot of great moments in this house, family moments, and ministry moments. Inviting the whole youth over for backyard fun, or even having people come over randomly because we were walking distance from the church.

BUT, we just bought a townhouse! wahoo, in a nicer area, close to downtown abbotsford (where spruce collective, sushi, thai food, saturday market, festivals, tracycakes, duft and co, precious kargo, spruce market, ALL MY FAVES). We move in on June 1st.

Watching daddy with his best friend

Segue into another item in our lives… our Church is sponsoring a refugee family from Colombia that we are excited about, but they have some specific needs and are looking for a rental that could fit them. last week of April my husband and i graciously offer our rental house (as long as all is well with the landlords) which means we needed to move out a month early. a  month early, of living somewhere, with two kids in tow under 3 and putting all our stuff in storage. Naturally we really wanted to help, so we did it. we moved out in a week, boxed and stored, and now are spending a month with our loving and beautiful friends. I thought things were going seemingly in the family department. I did not anticipate our son struggling with each box being packed, and he is so close to fully understanding, but not close enough. he also is now a horrible sleeper, no more naps, bedtime takes 2 hrs and he has figured out every latch on every door to get out and explore without responding to me (i have had a few heart attacks these past weeks). Our beautiful 7 month old, has decided that she LOVES crawling and eating everything, and she is FAST. she also has grown accustomed to sleeping in my arms at some point in the evening.

Cuddles before everyone Else is awake

To what would have been an easy change for my spouse and I, I did not think about my kids! Despite all this change, my son is loving his temporary living situation, so many toys that aren’t his, a ride on lawn mower he can sit on anytime, a large dog he can play with, and a backyard that he can explore in. BUT it still comes with some of the other special parts in my sons new personality.

I am so happy and do not regret leaving our place we called home for 2 years, but I am eagerly anticipating our new home, where we will paint, and have all our own bedrooms. AN ENSUITE for the first time and something we can call home for longer than other places.

This is just one aspect of my crazy chaotic life. we also have recently started back to work(both my husband and I at the same time) since my daughter was born, which leads to daycare. And our church is going through a transition time and we are short staffed a bit.

I am also very excited about my missions trip in July and ALPHA church wide program in September! This year is a year of change. and I am hoping the Ripple effect will be huge, life altering, and God inspiring!

Where is God asking you to trust Him? is it in finances? prayer? comfort? or Evangelism!?




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