Local Treasure. Oldhand

What can I say about Oldhand. I use to love going to this small sushi restaurant called hi lunchbox, located super close to my work and had the friendliest couple working there. they closed down, and I sad.

Than, slowly someone was repainting and making it look super cute and old cabiny. and BAM, Oldhand joined my life.

Old hand is located on the corner(ish) of Clearbrook and south Fraser way in Abbotsford. As soon as you see it you will fall in love. They have the most loving couple running it and they have DELICIOUS baked goods and sandwiches. I would highly recommend there dirty chai or even the london fog. My son loves going to this store and getting a earl grey snickerdoodle.

You will feel the friendly, trendy vibe in this coffee shop. Almost like it should be downtown abbotsford next to spruce collective. I feel like it is in a great location for those who don’t live downtown. It is walking distance from Columbia Bible College, Value village and MCC, it reaches a lot of people who bike. It is in the heart of Clearbrook.

Basically i love it! i spend a lot of date times with my littles here, and our youth do Thursday morning prayer at 7am at Oldhand. You will see me on average 2-3 times per week.

In my humble opinion, everyone needs to go to Oldhand. its like chips, I bet you can’t only go once.


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