Female Feature: Heather Esau

This past week I got to ask Heather some questions about her life. Being a mom of 2 boys and working in a daycare could possibly be the most challenging lifestyle out there. I would love for you to read and hear that it is not all rainbows and lollipops when it comes to being a working out of house mom. We often idealize the other side,and forget that some people would RATHER stay at home but need to work or would RATHER work. We all have different outlets and perspectives. Heather shares about the challenges, loves and side jobs.

Name and what you do outside the home:

My name is Heather. I’m a Mom to two boys. My oldest is just shy of 4 years old and my youngest just turned 2.

I work 3 days a week in a non-profit daycare. Most of the time I care for children aged 2.5-5 years old and occasionally in the infant and toddler centre with children aged birth to 3 years old. I also sell Tupperware and Norwex.
My Tupperware website is
My Tupperware Facebook Page is
What are some of the challenges of working with kids?
Working with children the same ages as my own boys can be really, really enjoyable and really, really hard! All the awesome and fun things I get to do, experience and explore with them at home I also get to do at work! All the hugs, snuggles, smiles, laughs and love happen both at home and at work with children! But the same goes for all the not so fun things. The hard days filled with crying, whining, tantrums and challenging behaviors are present with my own boys as well as at work. You all know what I’m talking about! We all have our good days and our bad days and it’s hard to manage it all when you haven’t slept much and are tired and don’t get much a break from children.
What is something you love about working?
I love seeing children learn, grow and develop! I love their excitement, joy, smiles, laughs, hugs and cuddles! Most days I love that my boys get to come to the daycare I work at with me. My oldest is in my class and I get to see my youngest when we’re outside or in the gym.
I love Tupperware and Norwex! I was already using their products in my home, so decided to sign up as a Consultant in each. The great thing about it is I get to chose when, where and how much I want to work! It’s flexible and fits around my family’s schedule! It’s also fun for me to get out, party, earn amazing gifts and visit with other women! I love that it’s helped me and so many others save time, space, money and be more organized!
How do you stay organized?
I’m still trying to learn how to be better organized! Aren’t we all? Some days, weeks and months my house is way dirtier than I’d like, the groceries are sparse, the laundry’s still dirty or it’s clean and not put away. I make lots of lists! Sometimes too many. I try to spend part of my weekdays off cleaning, baking or buying groceries as well as spending quality, fun time with my boys! Daycare / work lunches are always made the night before so the work mornings run smoother. Online shopping helps save some time. Baking bigger batches and freezing extras as well as cooking bigger meals and having leftovers is a big help.
What do you and your husband do to try and balance life and include your relationship growth?
My husband is the best! He helps with whatever needs to be done, cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking care of our boys! We take turns going out and exercising. I try to go for a run once a week and to cardio kickboxing one evening a week to release stress and to keep me active. And he goes mountain biking. He knows I need alone time and tries to make that happen a couple times a week.
Thank you Heather! 
– Owl

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