Local treasure: Spruce Collective 

Spruce Collective is located on montrose in downtown Abbotsford. I have loved this shop. On most days off I try to think of some reason why I need something or should go downtown so I can pop in and stare at everything I want and sometimes when I feel the move, I purchase.
spruce has items that are new, vintage, local small business, and they even have some great art pieces that Sydney Toews has painted. Sydney is one of my youth grads this year!

Not only is it cute, it has very friendly staff and it’s a great environment to bring your littles to. My son loves the nook they have with chalk and toys(as seen in the first photo)

This store is filled with every trendy trinket and clothing item you want! They have good husband, minimoc, Fraser valley shirts for all sizes AND chalk paint. This is one store that has never disappointed me ( can you tell).

Yes, like all small, non-chain stores, the prices are not bargain bin. But you can appreciate all the effort they go to in finding those antique items, or even stocking other small business and local items. I have learned to appreciate quality over quantity. This store has never disappointed me in quality.

I love finding wedding gifts, baby gifts, even matching shirts for my husband and son. My husband has a life is rad shirt, I am pretty sure it’s his favourite, I also bought him some nice beard/face lotion and cufflinks.

Needless to say, I love spruce collective! I feel like it helped me fall in love with Abbotsford.



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