Hand Made Cards : its the thought that counts

We are excited to start a new addition to our mondays that will hopefully bring inspiration for you as you go about your days each week. MAKE IT MONDAYS. Each week we will do our very best to feature something that we have made by hand. The possibilities are endless, so make sure you check in with us on mondays and find out what creative thing we have been up to.


Handmade Cards: It’s the thought that counts.

Yay for Mother’s Day. Now we are all coming off of the “mother’s day High” and going full force into the “Mother’s day Hangover”. Cleaning kitchens, attacking those laundry piles and trying to find places for all those handmade mothers day cards. It was those very cards that inspired my post today.

I love handmade cards. I love them because they are cheap, personal, and most of all sentimental. I love when people not only think of me but also put time into making something for me. On the other hand my one big beef with personal hand made cards is that i have such a hard time throwing them out. I have no problem throwing out a card that someone bought at the store and just signed their name at the bottom, See ya! I do have a problem with throwing out a card that my 3 year old drew and took forever to write her own name.

Each card has  a story when it is made by someone you love.  So what better way to spread love and cheer than by sitting down with some new pens and letting your creative juices flow.

Cant figure out what to put on the front of the card? Well here are few ideas:

  • Their name
  • The occasion
  • A favorite quote or scripture verse
  • a simple picture ( 3 balloons, a rainbow and cloud, sunshine, flower, basketball, skate board, etc.) Simple is always better so do not add too much.
  •  a number (for birthdays or anniversary)


Don’t know what to use to make the card? Well here are my favorite materials:

Here is the project I have been working on today. The story behind these two gifts is that I have a friend who has been going through basically the world’s worst year and I wanted to find a way to honour her and show her she is loved and cared for. So, I put together a little gift bag that I just dropped it off at her doorstep. The other gift is for a friend who is having her birthday soon and is about to face some major life changes and I just wanted to include a verse for her to find hope and comfort in. So I put together these two handmade cards and gifts and I said a little prayer over them and I sent them on their way.







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