Happy Super Single Mother's Day!

What a wonderful blessing it is to serve others. I find so much joy in helping out someone in an area of need in their lives.

Single Parents are Modern Day Heros. Raising children is hard work. Raising them alone is doubly as hard. Everyone has a different story as to how they ended up in a team of One. The story is important, but the story also doesn’t really matter. The fact is, they are Heroes. Being a Hero does not mean that you are perfect or can do everything yourself and do not need help. Being a Modern day hero means you have found a way to step up and be there for someone when they needed you most in a way that they could not be there for themselves.

This Saturday before Mother’s Day, my wonderful church community has rallied together to create an amazing day dedicated to our modern day Heros that we call, Single Mothers.


There were many areas that we found ways of serving these hard working moms. We Free Childcare while the moms took advantage of the a car wash, car detailing, and oil changes. Moms had the chance to relax at the church’s special spa or attend workshops. They hosted a  Moms Luncheon, and had family activities for the moms and kids to enjoy together all afternoon. All FREE!  My Life Group (read crazy families who do life together and  meet once a week) were in charge of the Free Clothing and accessories boutique. We helped moms pick out outfits for their children and a purse and accessories for themselves.

This event is one of our churches favorite community events and always a blessing to be apart of. So my encouragement to you is to find a single mother today and send them a text or phone call and wish them happy mothers day. Drop off a gift or take them out for dinner. In my house my husband is in charge of mother’s day because my children are still to young. So, help acknowledge those mothers who have no one to pick up the slack. Be there for them. Love on them. Mother’s day is a hard day for plenty of people. Find a way to bring joy to those around you.

As a mother, I have decided to give up all expectations on mothers day and just find ways to honour those amazing mothers around me. I am not trying to be a martyr but all too many times when I sit and wait for all my dreams to come true on mother’s day I almost always feel let down. So this mother’s day my goal is to honour other mothers, in this way I am finding my own joy and satisfaction. Also, I have a pretty good track record of ruining my own celebrations by having a stinky attitude. Finding ways to serve has been a great blessing to me. It has also reaped the greatest rewards.


Happy Mother’s day to all those hard working women who are doing it all on their own. And a shout out to those fathers who are pulling double duty as well. Your day is coming and so is your post!




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