Working Mom Part 5: Carla

What a special treat it is to feature the better half of our blogs duo, today. Carla Thiessen is my sweet and beautiful and feisty little sister. Her compassion for people and her heart for the lost is what has inspired me for the better portion of my life. She was always that little girl who would be sitting beside the crying kid at any event, with her arm wrapped around them patting their back in comfort. She was often found joining in with tears with every broken heart. Whenever I got in trouble, as a child, and was being given a time out in my room she would find her way up to my room and sit on the floor beside me for the duration of my punishment. That being said she was also our families troublemaker.
Her heart for adventure and love for family have been her drive through most of her life decisions. Along with her husband and their 2 beautiful children, she spends her days inspiring people around her to love deeper and give freely. Her love for Jesus is so authentic and I you instantly feel relaxed and at peace when you are in her presence. I am a lot biased as to how amazing she is, but all it takes is one visit and you will be as convinced as I am. After many years of following her life, I am proud that she is being featured in as small of an audience as this one is. To get to know her better, not only read this interview but continue to follow as she posts under the name, Owl. Who knows why we use code names, we just enjoy it!
Carla Thiessen
Mother to two children : 2.5 and 7Months
Youth Pastor : Bakerview Church
The Owl Portion of :  Meet Owl
1. Besides being a MOM, what do you do to help provide for you family? 

I am the youth pastor at Bakerview MB church and I have a blog with my sister 🙂

2. How many hours a week does it take up? What times of day do you normally take to work?
My hours range a bit week to week. But between 30-35 hrs on average per week. I work two weekday evenings sometimes all weekend and Tuesday-Thursday day time office hours.
3. What has been your outlet amongst all the craziness of motherhood and working outside the home?
My outlet has been friends, and spending time with my kids intentionally. Like letting my daughter sleep in my bed with me at night cause she wakes up and I want to cuddle, or exploring outside with my son so he can tell me everything he sees. My outlet is seeing what God has blessed me with and trying not to take it for granted. I also love a lot of aspects of my job that would of been an outlet before I was on staff. I love spending time with youth and hearing their stories. I also enjoy spending time with parents.
4. How does your husband support you?
I went off maternity leave with my second at 3 months and my husband took 4 months of paternity and just went back to work yesterday. I don’t know many guys who would actually do that. He supports me every day by watching the kids when I work evenings and weekends and up until yesterday during the day as well. He doesn’t make me feel guilty and tries to be involved in what he can at Church.
5. Do you think your children know you have another job other than being their personal chauffeur, cook, and bed time snuggler?
My eldest is very aware of my job, he knows I go to work and that it’s at the church, he knows where my office is and where the youth room is, he knows a lot of the youth and leaders and during the week he doesn’t like me going to work. He either demands he comes with me to the nursery or to play in the gym or go to schools at lunch with me. He is 2 1/2 and is well aware of life, and we have made it quite crazy with moving and paternity and now living out of boxes for a month. But I feel like it is making him more attached which I love.
6. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Monday. Because I get to spend all day and evening with my family and know that I don’t need to be anywhere else. Monday’s are like my weekend.
7. What is the hardest part about working as well as raising a family?

Feeling guilty! My jobs has so many opportunities to do more and it impacts both ends, family and ministry, so it’s a constant tug a war of choices. So I sometimes feel

Guilty about going to work and I sometimes feel guilty of not being there for someone or spending extra time on something.
8. Who is your hero and how do they inspire you?
Missionaries are my heroes, it might sound glamorous living in another country, but a lot of people have young families with no relatives around to help, or the culture is so hard to reach. They inspire me to reach all cultures in Abbotsford and be a missionary in my town. They inspire me to learn about evangelism and share with my neighbours and friends and family about who God is.
9. if you could travel anywhere with anyone who would you go with, when would you go and where would it be?
I would go on vacation with my husband, and maybe another couple friend or our best friend Heidi! And go somewhere hot like Cuba, or Thailand, or even somewhere in Europe would be fun.
1o. What would be the best present to receive on Mother’s day?
A song that my son made up about how much he loves me. I dunno, everyday is Mother’s day, right? lol
Such a Pleasure interview you my sweet sister. Praying your family treats you with as much love as you pour into them. Happy Mothers Day!!!
-Lioness, Sister to Owl.

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