Working Moms Part 3: Joanna

I am pleased to feature Joanna today as our Amazing, Inspiring , Working Mom.  Joanna and I attended the same High school, although never became friends until she commented on my instagram picture of my children playing outside, and the rest is history.  Along with our friend Sheena, Joanna and I have had many adventures in the great outdoors. We both thrive in nature and are truly the best versions of our “mom self” when we are in the great outdoors. It seemed fitting that our first official hangout/playdate was outside at a local park in the pouring rain. Our children, all decked out in their Muddy Buddies,  instantly bonded with each mud puddle splash. The same could be said about us, just replace mud puddle with sip of coffee.
Joanna has inspired me in so many ways. One, being her honest heart. She embraces motherhood, marriage, friendship, and her own passions in life with such gusto and energy. She is realistic about her weaknesses and will ask for help when needed. She is also the first to offer help to anyone she encounters. I have witnessed her supporting her friends going through lifes ups and downs and even watched as she has given away baby clothes and cloth diapers to complete strangers. She is a constant help to her neighbors and very involved in her church family.
What impresses me most about my dear friend Joanna is her passion to see everyone become the best version of themselves. She never judges and always encourages you in the place you are at. Joanna is always trying to find ways to reach people so it was no wonder she chose the career she did. From offering free workout classes and nutrition sessions to local moms, to finding the balance of life, marriage, and children. Joanna is truly one of my mom Heros and I feel so honoured to introduce you to her.
Please check out her Blog and follow her on instagram and facebook. She is entertaining, she is educational, and she is real! But most of all she is Beautiful in so many ways.
Meet Joanna:
1. Besides being a kick Ass mother, what do you do to help provide for you family? 
 Answer: I run a small, private business called Wellness with Joanna where I provide one on one nutrition and lifestyle counselling.
2. How many hours a week does it take up? What times of day do you normally take to work?
Answer: It really varies depending on how many clients I have in a season. It probably ranges anywhere from 5-25 hours, depending on the amount of clients I have and the amount of time and effort I am willing to put into blogging.
3. What has been your outlet amongst all the craziness of motherhood and owning your own small businesses or working outside the home?
Answer: Outdoor exercise, hands down. I would have quit long ago if I hadn’t discovered this as my outlet! I regularly exercise (anything from walking, sprinting, body weight exercises, boot camps, weight training, hiking, etc) and try to make most of that exercise happen outside.
4. How does your husband support you?
Answer: My husband is my support rock. My daughter was 2.5 and my son was only a couple months old when I announced that I wanted to go to school to become a health coach, and he didn’t even blink. From day one he has supported me by rearranging his schedule to fit around mine, supporting me financially, taking care of the kids on his own more than any other dad I know, supporting my need for my own outlet (outdoor exercise), cheering for me when a few blog posts went viral, gratefully eating any weird food I’ve put in front of him, and never, ever complaining.
5. Do you think your children know you have another job other than being their personal chauffeur, cook, and bed time snuggler?
Answer: They do! We talk about it often. In Charley’s words, I “teach other people how to be healthy”.
6. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Answer: Right now I really love Sundays. Recently I’ve been able to take people on hikes early Sunday mornings and then meet my family at church afterwards. Nature + church is a pretty stellar combo in my opinion.
7. If you could have any person in the world as your own personal assistant, who would it be and why?
Answer: Oh man, somebody please come do my social media stuff for me! I would love to be offline completely and never have to think about my Instagram account or blog, but these days it seems to be the only way to reach potential clients. I’d love to be disconnected with the social media culture once and for all and just enjoy my family, my friends, my community, food and nature without ever being distracted by it.
8. What has been your greatest attribute as a small business owner?
Answer: I always strive to be real and vulnerable, and from what my clients have told me, it’s working.I find it so much easier to connect with clients and followers when I show my whole, real self, flaws and all. When I open up, they open up, and that creates a safe place to grow and change for the better. If you look me up on Facebook or Instagram, you won’t find perfect, beautiful photos of pretty food. You won’t find pictures of a perfect six pack of abs. I’m far from perfect, and I’m okay with that. My clients will also never be perfect, and I want them to be okay with that, too. A little humility goes a long way.
9. Who is your hero and how do they inspire you?
Answer: Glennon Doyle Melton, hands down. She is the author of Carry on Warrior and the writer of the blog Momastery. She comes from a rough past and shares some of the same struggles I have, but that woman loves fiercely, bravely, and without boundaries. She inspires me continuously to live beyond my fear and just love, love, love.
10. Morning or night person? explain.
Morning for sure. I prefer to get up before my children come and wake me up and start asking for things…which means I end up setting my alarm pretty early. I’m asleep most nights by 10pm, and pretty much useless anytime after 8pm, haha!
Thanks Joanna For taking the time to help inspire us and encourage us as we do this thing called “Momming”. You are so wonderful in so many ways and as your friend I just want to say. “Great Job, and Happy Mother’s Day!”

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