Working Moms Part 1: Megan

Megan has been my friend for the past 4.5 years. We became friends when we both had our first children. We joined the same mommy group and haven’t looked back. When our maternity leaves were up we both went back to work. Megan went back to part time teaching and I opened a daycare in my own home. My first client was Megan:) I took in her daughter the days she had to go to work.
Over the years we have both had more children and have rarely gone a week with out a play date. Our children being almost exactly the same ages has made motherhood more bearable over the years. Having someone to send random texts too about children covered in poop or the mini celebrations when a child sleeps through the night or finally goes on the potty. We have encouraged each other  through the early stages of motherhood and helped raise each others children. It has been a fun adventure.
I wanted to feature Megan for our “Working Mothers Appreciation week because she is one of the hardest working moms I know. She is also not fake. I love how she has given up so much to be the best mom she can be yet has found a great way to balance her time spent with her husband and friends. I sent her some interview questions and picked my favorite ones so you can get to know her a little better:) Enjoy!!
1. Besides being a Kick Ass Mother, what do you do to help provide for your family?
Answer: I am a part-time grade 5 Teacher!
2. How many hours a week does it take up? What times of day do you normally take to work?
Answer:I work 20 hours a week. One half day (morning), and two full days. 
3. What has been your outlet amongst all the craziness of motherhood and owning your own small businesses or working outside the home?
Answer:I just try to make sure I have specific time set aside for myself, and also for time with my husband. It doesn’t always look the same – could be just going to the gym by myself after the kids are in bed, or getting take-out and watching a movie with my husband. I also enjoy being creative and I love baking, so I have a very small cookie business on the side. But I don’t consider that “work,” I consider it fun!  
4. How does your husband support you?
Answer: My husband is awesome about making sure I have time I need for marking/planning at home. He will take the kids out so I can have some quiet time, or he’ll tell me to make plans with my girlfriends so I can get out of the house. He’s seriously the best. Working part-time has the potential to make things really crazy and hectic, but he knows I love my job so he does what he can to make sure it’s a good thing for our family. 
5. Do you think your children know you have another job other than being their personal chauffeur, cook, and bed time snuggler?
Answer: Sometimes I bring my oldest (age 4) to my classroom with me because she attends pre-school at the school I work at. The first time I brought her she said “Where’s your teacher mommy?” Now she understands that I am the teacher and that’s my job, but my younger two (ages 1 and 3) don’t have any idea what I do. They only know that mommy goes to work sometimes and they have a babysitter. 
6. If you could have any person in the world as your own personal assistant, who would it be and why?
Answer: Martha Stewart, for obvious reasons.
7. What is the hardest part about working as well as raising a family?
Answer: The hardest thing about working for me is making sure my kids are well taken care of. I wouldn’t have accepted my current job if I hadn’t had the perfect child-care situation lined up. 
8. What would be the best present to receive on Mother’s day?
Answer: I just love surprises! I don’t care much about gifts, but if my husband and kids surprised me by planning a day to spend together, where I didn’t have to do anything in advance, that would be the best. Ok, or diamonds. (Just kidding. Sort of.) 
9. What was the best present you ever gave your mom?
Answer: The best present I ever gave my mom was a necklace with her children’s initials and her grandchildren’s birthstones. It was special because it can be added to when new grandchildren are born. She wears it all the time!
10. What is your idea of a perfect evening?
Answer: Kids in bed…dinner that I didn’t have to cook…a glass of wine… (wow, 5 years ago my answer would have been so different!)
Thanks Megan for letting us take a look at your beautiful life. Happy Mothers day and lets sit down for a glass of wine one night over a dinner you don’t have to make! (husbands can put the babies to bed!)

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