Mom: The Comedian

I have a clear early memory of my father standing in the deli department busting out his embarrassing dance moves to one of his favorite songs, that was blaring over the grocery story sound system. With each dance move he kept trying to get his children to join in as they stared back at him with eyes wide open. My two younger siblings didn’t skip a beat as they fell into stride right next to my dancing lunatic of a father. Meanwhile I stood there not knowing how to respond. My heart wanted desperately to convince my head that my dad wasn’t embarrassing and that it would be fun. But I fell into peer pressure and stood beside my “grumpy-too-cool-for-school” older brother. We stood there with our matching crossed arms as we watched the three amigoes clearly have the time of their lives until much to our relief the song ended.

My dad was never one to shy away from a chance to be silly. He was always looking for creative and appropriate ways to live life outside the box. He would join my sister on the floor in the bookstore as she threw a tantrum after he said she couldn’t take home a book. He joined me in my ballet class when I was too nervous to do it all on my own. He would do anything to make his children laugh and bring them comfort. He loved having fun and could careless what people think about him.

He still lives this way. Growing up as a teen I never really felt embarrassed by his antics because I also learned to live by the same motto. Although, unlike my dad, I would never even think about breaking a rule I still loved finding the border of where silly met boring.

When I became a mother I actually didn’t notice my own father’s influence on me until I was caught ballroom dancing with my baby in the toothpaste aisle at our local grocery store when he was only 5 months old.

In my humble opinion, being able to laugh and be silly with our children is as important as being able to comfort them. The art of laughing at yourself and not taking life so serious has really been a lifesaver for me.

My children really love when I am silly. My daughter often asks me to use “the voice” when I am going through a drive thru ordering a coffee or lunch.  I am sure you can tell where that story is going. My son loves when I walk like a cowboy and raise my eyebrows. Cowgirl mom, often makes an appearance when I am demanding they clean the playroom or when I am “herding” them up to bed.

I guess the point of my post is to encourage you moms to let loose. start just by being silly at home. Here are some ideas

  • Hide behind the couch with mini marshmallows. call the kids into the room with an angry voice as if you are going to punish them. Count to 3 if you have to! Then as soon as they enter the room and are within throwing range start chucking marshmallows at their faces. It is strangely satisfying. They get so distracted by trying to find them all and eat them that sometimes I just keep chucking them as my own therapy.
  • Dance. Everywhere.
  • open your car windows and take your pony tail out and pretend to freak out because your hair is going to blow away. start to panic and try and use one had to keep it all on your head. (my daughter almost peed her pants she was laughing so hard, who knew)
  • Sing everywhere you go as if you are in a musical. Huge hit with the frozen lovers in my family.
  • Forget how to make dinner and get them to tell you and help you do it.
  • Forget basically anything and ask for their help. I did it once with my debit card at the grocery story and was shocked when my son knew 3 of the 4 digits to my card!! Time to change the password.
  • This is my personal favorite. Pretend to be a detective and spend the entire day looking for your spouse. (who is clearly at work) We solve clues and follow trails and it of course lasts all day and man do they love it.

I actually have a bunch more but I think you get the idea.

So this mother’s day enjoy your children. Do not take life so seriously. I am going to use this day as my way to get back at my family with some pretty good pranks. Who says it has to be all flowers and breakfast in bed. My goal is to embarrass my family so much that in the near future they take me on a vacation  (knowing the kind of torment I am capable of) just so we can spend mother’s day somewhere where they do not know anyone:) Jokes on them!




2 thoughts on “Mom: The Comedian

  1. Loved this post (ok, I like everything both of you post)! This was such a great reminder for me as it is too easy to focus on the boring parts (cooking, cleaning errands, etc) and forget to just have fun, laugh and enjoy your family!


    1. amen! I actually reread this post just yesterday to remind myself that I needed to have fun. When life gets to tense around my house i know it’s because I haven’t been silly enough. So glad you enjoyed it and that we could inspire some crazy in your life.


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