Let's Start to #StepitUp

Hello fellow humans!

Today while I was getting up this morning, my 2 1/2 year old boy was just wanting to sit or climb all over me. I was getting frustrated because I want to JUST drink my coffee in peace. BUT he gave me an idea. I asked him if he wanted to go on my shoulders so I could exercise, he gladly agreed and let me put him parallel to my shoulders and arms like a Bulgarian bag. And there, in our living room, in my pajamas, holding my sons legs and arms, I started to do some Lunges and Squats.

I had a Eureka moment!  He was so quiet, he kept giving me passionate “go mommy” and “again again!” I kept going for a solid 10 or so minutes. It felt so nice.


SO here is my initiative, My sister and I will be doing a #StepitUp activity/program/initiative ending May 31st

here are the guidelines

  1. spend 10 minutes a day doing small challenges, either lunges at home, or maybe not watching netflix before doing 10 minutes of squats, planks, or army crawls. the minimum is 10 minutes, but you can do however long you want. If your like myself, and go to the gym 3-4 times a week than great! use that as your ten minute challenge.
  2. try to incorporate your kids (if you have them), or a spouse or a friend. make this fun 🙂
  3. this #StepitUp initiative is for 6 days a week, so rest one day. I will most likely be resting on Sundays. but choose a day that works for you
  4. Post it! hashtag, add it to our comments during the week, spread this love. the Goal is to encourage moving, being fun and finding a new way to balance life and working out.
  5. don’t stress out about it. I know we are sometimes so eager to do this large plans, work out, diet, make sure we are burning calories galore. Believe me, I am trying to keep my goal to have endurance over the “perfect” body. #StepitUp is just a way to see what you can do for 10 minutes and to see how you can incorporate working out daily without feeling like it is a daunting task. Who knows, it might lead to you wanting to do more than ten minutes a day, and possibly creating healthier lifestyle choices.

I would love to share this with whoever wants to join! and please post whatever you are doing. Encourage each other, come of with awesome home ideas (10  min yoga on youtube, playing tag in your back yard, doing a push up everytime you child wants you to pick them up, maybe having to do planks during commercials or something)


I hope you want to join my sister and I on this adventure we call life



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