life after having a baby (or two)

As a human, body image is something I think everyone struggles with. We are too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, big feet, small feet, big noses, thin hair, grey hair, too much hair, I could keep going. We are constantly criticizing ourselves, let alone what we think other people are thinking and what they ARE thinking. That’s right, we are told no one is cares or is looking or judging, but they are! Sure not EVERYONE is, but even I look at someone and compare myself, and either am praising God I don’t think i look like them, or I am praying to God that someday I will look as good in those jeans as that person does, or that i will even fit normal non-maternity jeans again without having to go into a plus size store.

So, I know right now that I am in a very special stage of life. 5 week post partum stage, I just had my second baby (a beautiful HEALTHY girl), and my children are not that far apart in age ( 26 months), and my first was a c-section. I am so thankful that she loves breastfeeding (didn’t work so well with the first), that she loves me and my husband the same for cuddling, that my son hasn’t killed her or tried to (not jealous yet cause she can’t take his toys), and that I am in a healthy stage of healing after natural birth.

But those thoughts, that body image, fears and determination not to let having a baby be the reason why I am still larger than desired or healthy weight even. BUT it is the reason, and I am going to have to be okay with that for a while. Some people (most people) do not bounce back to desired size quickly. For some people, it will take hard work, discipline and hopefully only a year. But for some it takes 2-3 years or even longer or never (depending on how your body changes after giving birth).

So what about me. How will I change my attitude and fate.

I have come up with something for myself and my family (because my husband wants pre children weight back as well haha)

  1. Take care of yourself emotionally, you can’t change if you make so many excuses (even though so many can be valid), change your attitude towards life in general. Finances,food, lifestyle, children, they can all be a little easier with your attitude and emotional state changing. so whatever that means for you, maybe set aside me time, or finance time, or family time.
  2. working out. it looks different for everyone. my husband wants to do more things at home ( runs, burpees etc), and I have been trying to do youtube family work outs with my 2 year old while the 1 month old is napping. BUT I LOVE THE GYM, its me time and work out time in one. so I will make a goal of going to the gym a certain amount of times a month (feasible and financial).  as well as making more of an effort to do an activity with my son daily so he isn’t antsy in this colder rainier weather and I am not as lazy.
  3. do not have any meal in front of a screen! this one will be hard to implement, but i feel like it will be worth it. we are so used to putting both kids down and than eating our extended dinner. or grabbing a quick lunch and glancing through facebook or instagram or watching a youtube video. This one has started getting addicting for my son, he wants to watch something while eats or he gets bored. SO we will and have started eating all major meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner) at the table and as a family. AND we are trying to all eat the same thing, so healthy choices for all.
  4. drinking a ton of water! because of nursing i have been carrying around a larger sized canning mason jar filled with water probably drinking at least 6-8 full glasses daily. it has been so nice and i definitely feel the difference when i don’t drink enough. So we are starting to drink a large glass of water 10-15 minutes before each major meal as well as using our smaller plates for dinner. Apparently there are studies that say that our brain thinks we are full when our plate is empty, so we are so used to mowing down on large sized plates, that if you use smaller plates, you could trick your brain into thinking that you are full instead of stuffed. i will try this. hopefully it works.

these are the 4 rules we will be trying out. I hope it works, and we see a change.

We just took some family photo’s a few days ago and our friend Meghan Bustard Photography always captures the best of us.



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