The End is Near

The end of summer is approaching and I am slowly checking off all the things on our “Fun To Do List” that we had set out to accomplish. As I figure out how to cram in the last few things on our list my mind is shifting from summer to fall, from play to work, and from carefree to organized.

My sweet 3 year old little lion cub is starting Jr. Kindergarten this fall at the very school my husband and I met and graduated from. What a blessing it is to be able to provide for him in this way. It has been fun receiving the parent packages and emails from a school which I have only ever been the ‘student.’ For some reason it is only now that I am feeling like a Grown up and actual Parent. Before I was just playing the part. Now I have embraced the role and I am so deep in character you can not tell the actor from the part. I am the Parent. Getting all our school supplies, uniform, running shoes, backpacks and figuring out carpools is now how I will face every September.

I have been thinking about what kind of Elementary School Parent I am going to be. Will I be over protective and super “into” everything my child does at school? Will I volunteer at every opportunity i can? (<- probably) Will I be the Parent on the board or who coaches, or who arranges the teachers group gift? Will I befriend all my childrens friends and their parents? will I just pick up and drop off and that be it? Where will I fit in? My role as a parent is slowly drifting to the side lines. Being that prayer warrior in the shadows when in public but still the queen when we are at home. Letting my children have more independence is actually harder than I thought.

This week I got a glimpse of what this new stage of parenting will be like. Both my little lion cubs participated in their own swimming lessons. I sat on the side lines and didn’t even need to get wet. (except for a little hug after they did an amazing job) I watched as my son and daughter held on to their instructors hands and went off for their 30 minute lesson. I couldn’t hear what was being taught. They didn’t care that I was even there. They both love their teachers and greet them with hugs at the beginning of their lessons.  I watched as my son learned how to swim underwater and float on his back. I saw my daughter dunk her head on her own and kick her feet. All things they would have never done with me. While my children were thriving without me I realized that … Its about time!

It’s about time they didn’t need me to hold their hand and it’s about time they stopped hiding behind my leg. Its about time they started learning from other adults and learning to trust and obey someone other than me. Have I equipped them enough? Have I taught them to trust but also to be safe? Thank goodness for Preschool. It is a slow process. Testing the waters of independence for both my little cubs and for me. Holding them close but not so tight.

How am I going to survive this year?

As I organize my house and my calendar I am running this question over and over again through my mind. “How and I going to survive this year?” I am going to have to do some changing and rearranging. I am going to have to start making different things in my life priority. Prayer. That will have to actually become my number one. I will have to start making it a huge priority to start my day and my families day off on the right foot. I have been doing this at the end of my day because I have been finding the summer months so relaxing and casual but I can see this becoming something that will need to be put first to start my day.

I am notorious for making lists and writing down motivational quotes and scripture and posting them all around my house with my beautiful coloured tape. They help me stay focused and organized. They help encourage me and remind me to prioritize only the important things. One thing lately that has been on the back burner has been time with my husband and time with myself.  So I have booked a few dates on my calendar for evenings alone and scheduled date nights. This way I know I have days where I can hold myself accountable for my time management. I can reassess how I am doing and make new goals or plans.

Well I thought I would share a few ways that I am preparing for this new season in my life and would love to hear other ways you moms survive. I am off to try and figure out how to fit in 15 more items off our to do list in just the 13 days left of summer vacation.