Practicing what others preach

this weekend I have had a lot of great opportunities to practice making my son less of a picky eater. I have been using my sisters idea of letting him help make or watch me put ingredients together before he eats. My little owlet hasn’t been a picky eater in the past, but recently he has been testing our reactions when he doesn’t want to eat something. We have been slack, until this weekend I have had a lot of meals with him, so I decided to intentionally push for less of a picky eater. Last night we had roasted potatoes with onions and peppers. And a watermelon salad that had cilantro and feta in it. Not to mention some amazing steak. 

So while we were making dinner I showed my son what I was doing and let him cut peppers with me with a dull table knife. He sat there not whining and ended up eating all the peppers I gave him. Recently he hasn’t been eating peppers, so it was super nice to watch him chomp away. He ate the entire meal !

Today we decided to make a smoothly together, he does like smoothies but doesn’t like certain things in it. So today I tested him. We together put in carrots,strawberries, avocado, yoghurt, blueberries, and a little bit of spinach. He ate the entire thing! It was such a great post nap snack. I am so thankful this worked.
Like I said before, I didn’t have a super picky eater before, but wanted to stop the trend of choosing what he likes.
This is one happy momma

– owl who listens to lions advice


2 thoughts on “Practicing what others preach

  1. That’s such a great word of advice. I have been dealing with our picky eater for the last nine years and while he has gotten better, some meals are still a battle. It is great to work through it at such an early age and in such a creative way.


  2. I love this idea. I have tried this approach to help eliminate the whiny, bad behaviour that seems to come every time I go to make dinner. He doesn’t always participate in preparing dinner, but he’s standing beside me, a part of the “action” type idea and that seems to help him stay more pleasant before we eat!


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