Surviving the Whole 30

I just want to start off by saying…. “I did it!!!! I completed the Whole30!”

It was a huge accomplishment for me as I was a slave to food. Being a stay at home mom I find that it is really hard not to “cheat” or “snack” all day long.

So why did it work for me? What made this “diet” (i hate the word) so different from any other food challenge I have done? Well first of all I did it with a friend, with my husband and with a my amazing coach Joanna from

So what is the Whole 30? Google it. 🙂

In a nutshell: I cut out sugar, legumes, dairy, wheat, grains, and snacking. I meal planned each week so I wouldn’t get caught falling into the bad habits i had before. For me it was all about breaking bad habits and gaining control of my eating instead of my life revolving around the next thing going into my mouth.

Week one. I was dying. Day three was the worst as I was going through major sugar withdrawal, then I ate a strawberry with my lunch and I was blown away. My taste buds were in for a major shock as each bite I took was super sweet and amazing. Strawberries have always been something that were hit or miss with me when it came to their sweet flavor. Maybe one out of every 4 were sweet and the rest were either gross sour or no flavor at all. Since day 4 every strawberry I have had is amazing!

Week two. I no longer needed to drink coffee in the morning. I would wake up feeling super energized and I was even staying up later. I got a lot more work done around the house and I was feeling more confident as it was the first time i had gone more than 3 days without having cheese. Major accomplishment for this Dutch girl.

Week three. I was starting to loss my enthusiasm and getting a little lazy with cooking. So I busted onto pinterest and started finding new creative meals. I also starting looking up creative snack ideas that I absolutely fell in love with.

Week Four. Was long but good. All my summer clothes fit so much better and I was doing great. I was looking forward to having cream in my coffee again and a little cheese in my omelette as well as my hubby and I were counting down our days to being able to have Sushi.

First day after whole 30. My first treat was a s’more (we went camping) and I had Broccoli Cheddar soup with a friend for lunch that day.

I feel so great after having done the whole30 challenge and I can finally say I am in control over what I eat.

A few new tips that I take away with me.

1. Food is either Helpful or Hurtful. There is no middle ground.

2. One bite rule. You really want that donut? take one bite and put it down. or two bites. Basically if you know it won’t make you feel good after eating the whole thing but you really want a taste. Just try a small bite and walk away. I am in control of what I eat. I do not have to finish it just because I started it. Next time I won’t even get it in the first place.

3. Only eat when you are hungry. Food is supposed to nourish you and help fuel you. It is not something that is supposed to be done when bored. So when I start to crave a food and want to snack I just either put it on a plate and have it at my next meal or I save it until I am actually hungry.

4. Drink water. Water helped me a lot with my cravings and it also helped me feel fuller.

5. Enjoy food. Explore new recipes and do not be afraid of having broccoli for breakfast 🙂

I went a little crazy the week after my whole 30 was up. Ate mcdonalds, had all you can eat sushi, and made grilled cheese sandwiches. All things that are definitely not on the list. The crazy part was how my body reacted. I was more tired. sore stomach, felt so worn down and lazy, and I felt bad about myself and guilty for putting my body through it. This week my husband and I are back on it and have a new plan. We are eating whole30 at home. We can still go out to eat and get whatever we want but when at home we eat Whole 30.

If you feel run down, tired, bloated and like you can not control what you eat. I totally suggest this “cleanse” type eating plan. It was amazing and has totally reeducated both my husband and I about what we put in our mouths.

Bonus: I lost 8 pounds eating as much as I wanted but just controlling what types of food I ate and my husband lost 18 pounds. We also had waaay more energy to work out.



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