Balancing Chaos

Before I start. I have no idea what I am doing. I literally make it up one day at a time. most of the time I am making it up one minute at a time. My life can become so Chaotic it is hilarious. One time I actually stopped in the middle of my “life storm” and started laughing. Children crying, noses running, smoke alarm going off because of dinner in the oven, laundry so high it fell and buried my daughter, and there I was, Laughing.

Imagine if we could freeze time? oh the things I would do.

1. take a nap

2. take another nap

3. take a bath

4. tackle my laundry, dishes, floors, spare bedroom that holds all our families extras of everything.

Anyways, that is not what I wanted to post about today. Welcome to my brain. It likes to “Bunny Hop” around from topic to topic. This could be a huge reason why I enjoy toddlers so much.

The Point that I am trying to make is that as a mom with a million toddlers in my house daily, my life is Chaotic. How am I balancing everything? I actually got asked this question 3 times this week. Its only Wednesday. I blame Instagram. I do post a lot of pictures of our happy family enjoying the outdoors and having the time of our lives, then I post a picture of me at the gym or out with friends. This can seem as though I have a personal chef and/or cleaning lady. But I do not. To be honest I am snapping those pictures while cutting up veggies for dinner or sprinting from cleaning up pee on the floor to catch my son playing soccer in the backyard under the gorgeous sun. I am not showing the whole truth. I am deceiving you.

My life is actually quite boring. Each day is normally filled with doing the same old boring things day after day. Cooking, Cleaning, Wiping noses, making beds (what an annoying chore and for some reason very important chore) and trying to find 10 minutes alone. I do my best to find balance throughout all the craziness. “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy”. or somthing like that.

I found myself  in quite a slump when my daughter had just turned 1. I had a 1 and a 2 year old and I was running an in home daycare and I was feeling as though I would be taking care of children and never socializing with other adults ever again. I hadn’t done my own thing in a very long time. I was putting everyone else’s needs above my own but yet never meeting my needs in the end. I was drained. I needed an outlet. So my husband and I sat down and figured out a plan.

Monday – Clean the house up after our crazy weekend plans. As a reward I get to miss bedtime and go play volleyball at the community Rec centre with my Best friend!

Tuesday – Laundry. load after load after load. I also get to go out this night. First i Hit the gym then I plan a coffee date.

Wednesday  – Play date day. Have a friend over and socialize. The evening is our sons Activity time. Right now he is on a soccer team. Kids go to bed and it is “At home Date night.” We make a nice meal together and reconnect. Maybe a little “Wink wink” if we don’t fall asleep on the couch from exhaustion. (is that too much information? my hubby is going to kill me. I am all about being open and honest, he knows that, I think I am safe.)

Thursday – I wake up early and work out with a friend. Then its another Play date day. This is his night to go play Hockey. I stay at home and normally fold all that laundry i did on tuesday and put it away while watching a netflix chick flick;)

Friday – During the day I prepare for whatever adventure is planned for Saturday. This is also Either an in home date night or a baby sitter date night and then my sweet hubby will play Hockey late after.

Saturday – We go on an adventure or we are camping this day. No matter what. Rain, Shine, Snow, or hail. We pack up the kids and go and do something adventurous outside. Our children wear muddy buddies and my hubby and I have all the appropriate gear. We normally get home late and put the kids to bed then clean up then collapse and go to bed.

Sunday – Church in the morning and then most sundays seem to be filled with birthday parties or family dinners. Before we go to bed that day we clean the living area and the kitchen.

That is my life. You may notice there isn’t actually a lot of time to clean. its true. My house is a mess. Clothes and dishes get washed. Lots of home cooked meals get made. But I am not going to even try and tell you how often our floors get washed or bathrooms get cleaned. They get cleaned. Just maybe not as often as yours:)

Having Adventures as a family is really important to us. We have made it a priority to spend quality time with our children out in nature. We want them to experience new things and we also want to spend time with them. That quote that says “listen

(I found this quote on a blog that I frequently read and Love called Check her out for sooooo many helpful parenting tips)

I firmly believe that if we spend quality time with them and listen to what they have to say, we are investing in our future relationship with them.

I will clean my house when my children are in School. For now, I will prioritize my children, marriage, health and sanity. Not exactly in that order;) Something has to eventually give. Something is going to break down. I would rather have it be my house then any of those four things previously mentioned.

Balancing Chaos has broken down into figuring out our priorities. When we figure out what matters most to us as parents that is when the real decisions become easy to make.

Good luck! its hard. But once you start to find some balance it becomes so much easier. Life is better when you are happy. Life is better when your family is happy. Let it go, But whatever you do, do not stop making your bed!

I would love to hear how you mommies cope with balancing our crazy schedules and family needs. What is your outlet? What is your game plan?



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