1 year anniversary

My sister and I have been keeping this Blog for 1 year now. WordPress sent us a “badge!” it was a beautiful ceremony. I cried. (I typed sarcastically, if that wasn’t made obvious)

So what has a year of Blogging been like? I probably saved a bunch on Therapy because of this beautiful outlet. I was able to put down some bottled up emotions into words and actually work some stuff out. I felt held accountable to what I wrote in my posts. Some days when I do not feel like working out I remember the post I wrote about living healthier. When I look in the mirror and try and decide which outfit I am going to wear that best hides my millions of rolls, I slap myself and remember that I am choosing to live a life where I am good enough just the way I am. I am going to live how I want my children to live. When I am feeling alone I remember the post I wrote about my amazing friends.

Yup this blog has been good for me. So thank you for reading our posts and leaving your amazing comments that make us both feel as if we are not alone and we are not the only ones going through these same issues.

Love Lion!


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