its only 2:30 and this is how my day is going


6:30AM- son wakes up with up the back poop on sheets and everything. he is cranky, tired, doesnt want to go to bed, and having a tantrum.

6:30-7:30- consists of me attempting to wake up and help my son who keeps having issues, me putting him in his crib (i cleaned) him lying down but not wanting to sleep for more than a minute, me taking him out, him being cranky and crying, me trying to get dressed or drink coffee or something while holding an upset child. just a constant cycle.

7:45am- 2 age 10 Chinese students get dropped off at my house for a carpool (long story, but this is not a common occurrence), originally i was told they were Japanese, which would of been WAY easier as my grade 12 student is Japanese, so she could of helped with the language barrier. BUT no, they are Chinese and don’t speak anything past ” my name is…” they color while my son cries and acts shy and pretends he is a little baby.

8:15am- somehow i manage to get all in the car and drive them to school and my son to daycare.

8:30-9:45- My son grabbed my work keys during his “Special times” and hide them on me. I spend an hour and 15 tearing my house apart looking for them. Eventually i find them in my students rain boot in the mud room. WOW.

get to work and find out someone who is quite young has passed away and work is buzzing with phone calls and meetings. I am unable to get any work done because i need some conversations to happen with other pastors, but they are all tied up.

12:45- I am driving back from a coffee date and run out of gas……. yes this happened.

get to work and spill coffee on myself, and here now here i am. 2:45 and about to drive to pick up all the people for them to come home to a very messy house because of me looking for keys. and I can’t even explain to the little girls what happened.

Happy Tuesday?

– Owl


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