Using Avocado in every meal

I love avocado! so does my family. I feel like I could eat it in all my meals, breakfast, lunch and a spoon full for snacks and dinner.

I know you can make Guacomole, make a kind of sauce with mayo on your egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. But recently i have been trying to make new ways that are delicious and healthy to eat!

These last few days I have made two UNREAL dinner’s that my husband and son couldn’t stop eating and loved.

1.  Cayenne -rubbed Chicken with an Avocado and Red Onion Salsa

It was super easy to make, and so delicious! we had it with roasted peppers and potatoes.  the cayenne is not very spicy so our son was totally fine eating this meal.

2. soy-glazed salmon with Cucumber-Avocado salad.

the only thing we would say is maybe make some rice to go with it. It was definitely filling, but Salmon is expensive. We bought a lot (save-on foods had a points deal), but if I didn’t buy the amount i did, i think we would still be hungry.

these are two recipes i definitely recommend!



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