a month long hiatus

As you might of noticed (if you are constantly checking our page), we took a month off. This was not on purpose, I (owl) have been dealing with a very sick child and husband, and now have just finished recovering myself from a horrendous bug. On top of having a job, sick son and 6 christmas gatherings, I have been having interviews to further my position as interim to permanent youth pastor. Slowly I am working away on my credentialing, and I will be starting my candidating this Sunday (EEP). With all this hustle and bustle I have caught myself in the heartbreak of talking with students who made interesting choices in celebrating new years and christmas parties. This season has been difficult for me. On one hand i am thankful that these students feel comfortable telling me what they do, and even prior to what was going to happen. But no matter what I said or did, they do what they want. I sometimes feel like i am in an awkward relationship with them, I am not there age as well as i am not there parent. So as much as i make total sense, even if they respect me completely, it won’t matter what i do or say, they will do what they want. Example, I had one student who spent the new years festivities at her boyfriends house with a few friends. She had mentioned to me that her man drinks occasionally (lets remember they are in high school), and her friends (ranging from 14-17 years old) were all excited to play drinking games. All of them didn’t know how they were going to get home or what they will say to here parents after midnight had struck and she knew no one could drive her home. I talked with her about sex, and alcohol and what it can lead to, I tried to cover all my ground. I also said that I cared a lot about her and I didn’t want her to do any of it. She understood even though I asked her not to, she said she would keep what i said in mind. that being said, it doesn’t matter what i say or do, teenagers think short term, not about consequences or the aftermath. I remember hearing that our brains are not fully developed until our early twenties. the last thing to develop is our long term thinking. Its kind of around the time when we think we start thinking clearly and start thinking about our future and how our past has effected it.  I try to share with teenagers that i am trying to be that part of their brain before it is developed. it rarely works, but at least  i try? what more can i do. This is just one part of my month that has been leaving me a bit restless and feeling a little pointless in my relationships. But i know that it doesn’t matter what i say or do, as long as i have God as my center, He will use his timing and not mine. – Owl


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