Trick or Treat or skip the sweets.

Its the morning of Halloween and my children have no idea. They are 1.5 and 3 years old (well he will be 3 in 5 days) and they are treating today like any other day. Why wouldn’t they? They have no idea what Halloween is. We carved pumpkins the other night and my son kept asking why we were making them. Valid question. We went to a dollar store to pick up party supplies for his up coming birthday party and we were bombarded with Halloween decorations every corner we turned. My son asked me this morning while he was sitting on the toilet and watching one of the many spiders in our house crawl across the bathroom floor why people call spiders spooky.

My children are at the age where they are so mold-able. The are like little sponges and I have a huge influence in what they absorb. How I describe to them what Halloween is and what customs my husband and I involve them in is totally up to us.

When I was growing up we never, not even once, went trick or treating. We would participate at the churches Harvest Party or we would go swimming at the local pool. I remember a year where we turned off all our lights and just played hide and seek in the dark.

I never felt as if I was missing out on too much because my parents always bought the candy on november 1st when it was on sale. That is the most important part in the eyes of a child. When I got older my dad would tell us the History of Halloween  and the roots of what it is people are celebrating. Then we made our own decisions.

My husband always went trick or treating every year with his family. When we got married we just handed out candy until the day my son arrived (well almost a year after his birthday) we had to decide what we were going to do. we had just moved into our new house and new neighborhood so we decided to dress up our “little bear” and go and meet our neighbors. We trick or treated around our neighborhood and introduced our selves. Some neighbors still refer to my son as the little bear.

The next year we had our daughter and my sister came with her little family to join us. We went door to door and came home and ate all our kids candy and played board games while the little babies slept.

This year. They are aware. We are getting to the point where we need to start making decisions based on how we are going to educate them on this “Holiday”. There is a lot of darkness in this Holiday and as a Christian I am called to be the Light in the Dark. But what does that look like? We are still dressing up our little panda and lion and heading over to Nana and Opa’s house to take all their candy while they gush over their cute little grand babies. But what are going to do the following years? Do we hide and protest an evil holiday by not participating in it? Do we participate in it and just ignore the evil?

We have some praying and thinking to do this coming year.

What do you do? Where is God in Halloween? is there a way to participate that lets Gods light shine?



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