My Life's Work


I have been for the past 10 years wanting to work in a Church Youth Ministry setting. Here I am, in my office, filled with duct tape cats, and free couches from an event called “bigger or better”. coffee, water, thank you cards, old computer speakers, leftover paint from my house and even a bike. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM. today it hit me, i am sitting at my desk, on my computer, in MY office. I am so thankful God has given me the patience for his plan to unfold in his timing. I don’t think i would of thanked God for this if i have never had my own office (i have always shared in all work settings), if i was young and got it as soon as i wanted it. And i am also thankful i have started my home life before receiving this interim (yes not permanent) position. Because I don’t have this job permanently (yes i will apply when the position is available), i have been able to look at work with passion, intentionally creating good community right from the beginning. focusing on starting on the right foot because i potentially don’t have the time to foster a long term goal. I am also holding my Job loosely, so that God can make divine appointments, strategies that i have no part.


here is a beautiful picture of my office 🙂 I know to some it doesn’t look beautiful, but to me this is one of the most proudest moments i have had. 5 years of school, 7 years of ministry, i worked and paid for this moment. and obviously God was the center of each decision towards it.


– Owl





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