Goal Setting Girls

I am amazing, and I mean amazing, at making plans, setting goals, or even just writing to do lists. I thrive at the first stage of getting organized and making changes. What I need improvement at is actually following through.

I recently read this blog post on a group of women who decided to do an exercise and food challenge. They made a point system that each one of them followed and at the end of the month they tallied how many points they each got and the one with the most points was the winner. The prize was the Jackpot of money they all contributed equally to at the beginning of the challenge.

I loved this idea. I immediately started telling everyone I know about it and how excited I was to try/ start something like this with my friends. Typical Lion. Make huge plans, get super pumped and then slowly let the “romance” fade.

A friend I have had thankfully read the same blog post and was inspired to make some changes as well, but with a twist. She invited a few of us to a group she created and told us her ideas of what the rules should be.

Everyone needs to make changes in their lives and everyone also needs some motivation so what better way to put these two together than a healthy competition.

Here are our rules:

1. Everyone makes their own point system out of 50. Pick the areas in your life that you want to see change and assign it a point value.

2.At the end of each day tally up your points and keep track of each days total

3. Honour system. You are only cheating yourself.

4. Put 10 dollars into the pot

5. Be realistic in your goals but make sure it is not easy to reach 50 points each day

Here is what My goals are:

Food (20 points)

(5) No Dairy

(5) Only Good Carbs

(5) Drink 2Ls of water a day

(5) No food after 8:30pm

Exercise (15 points)

(5) for every 15 minutes of exercise (weights, running, sports, fast paced walk, bike ride)

Personal Life (15 points)

(5) at least 20 minutes spent with God.

(3) work on one of my mini projects (blog, story boards, photo albums, ect)

(2) organize/clean something in the house. (besides kitchen and vacuuming and laundry)

(3) Going to bed with a clean kitchen and playroom

(2) No Facebook while children are awake.

On the first day I got 45 points. Second day I got 40.

Each day is hard. especially the fact that a lot of it means I need to find time to do stuff while the children are not awake.  I am finding I am eating WAY better and I am using my Nap time a lot more productively.

I am almost done day 3 and so far It looks like I will be getting 50 points!!! just need to complete a run and finish off my water bottle. oh and avoid cheese at all cost!

The best part of this whole thing is that it is a group of women (now up to 21 of us) all supporting each other to take care of ourselves better and reach goals that are too overwhelming to be motivated to do alone.

I am loving the healthy competition and support I get from the group. I love the fact that I am changing all aspects of my life slowly and gradually. This makes me confident that these changes me because a permanent fixture to my days.

Plus who doesn’t want to win $210 and create better life habits? Call me crazy but I believe each one of us is going to come out a winner. The only difference is, I will have some extra cash in my pocket! 😉


Here is the Blog that inspired this group : http://valleyparentmagazine.com/2013/07/03/this-mom-got-fit/


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