It's not just a teenager problem

Just picture this; You have been up with your baby, they are playing while you make coffee, you are counting when he woke up to when he should go for his nap (for me it is usually 1-1.5 hrs), you take moments to pee, make coffee, check your instagram feed, facebook, blog,email, whatever else you can find. The time is for him to get a diaper change and go for his nap, you put your phone down, after taking a video of your son doing something cute and you want your husband to see it or your instagram feed. Put your babe down, head to the couch to turn on netflix, grab a new coffee or reheat yours in the microwave. While you are watching whatever show you cherish for your morning naps (that you swear your only going to watch 1 episode), you are also surfing on your phone, pinterest, etsy app, or just looking at instagram and facecreeping. than you hear the babbling of your child. you thought it was only 30 min has now turned into the FULL nap time, you don’t feel rested, you feel frustrated that the laundry has piled, or your book you have wanted to read has dust on it (thats my bible and a book for work).

You have just spent all our moments you thought you deserved in front of a screen, sometimes more than one screen! and we thought teenagers were obsessed with there phones.We have told ourselves, that relaxing means looking at our phones, or watching a show that means nothing to us.

I have been noticing this problem with myself, when i have some youth over, and owlet is napping, I usually am one of the first people on there phones (i have a candy crush problem) and my teenage friends usually don’t wait too long before they are connected to the wifi or charging there devices. husband comes home, tired (usually naps) but before anything happens he is also on his phone looking at sport stats, or checking things he didn’t have a chance to look at while at work (he drives a lot so not a lot of phone time ). I feel like as soon as we have moments by ourself or what we deem unimportant times WE ARE ALL ON OUR PHONES! Sure you can justify i am being hip with the kids, or i DESERVE  to be on my phone. We have all been fed LIES. I feel like we have camera’s on our phones so we can take the millionth photo of our child doing something goofy. but really, it is just adding to the storage issues on our phone. For example, i can’t even update my IOS because I have too much of everything.

Why do we do this? why don’t we spend time with people instead of fake people we think we care about? I have heard so many people start sentences like this ” on facebook i saw so and so doing this” or “they posted on instagram a meme”…

I have called out myself and my husband about our phones, we are not perfect, and have started making sure we spend time together talking and hanging out with our son on the floor, playing (we usually have always been on the floor semi playing, but our phones have always been at arms reach). now we put our phones away, in our bedrooms, if someone needs to get a hold of us we could hear the phone ring. How often do we look back at past photo’s of ourselves? or of our family? why do we care so much about getting ALL those photo’s. People have spent years taking pictures and not instantly seeing them after. I have decided (hardest decision) to take less photo’s and to be apart of the NOW and not the past or what is happening in other peoples current now.

What do you do? are you in love with your phone? can you handle an hour a day without it at arms reach?

– Owl


One thought on “It's not just a teenager problem

  1. This is so true!! It’s something that I have noticed in my husband and I. I have started getting into the habit of leaving my phone on the counter so it isn’t by me 24/7 but I can still hear it. Our son, at times, will even become a little fussy when we are on our phones and he isn’t quite 1 yet!! It’s amazing how so quickly we become consumed by technology, or things. What did we do before smart phones?? Oh ya, talked, laughed, played games, read, (filmed home videos…remember the one we filmed with all our siblings at my parents place YEARS ago??? So much fun!) the list is endless! You’re right, it isn’t just teenagers! The next challenge (for me), limited/no tv!!!


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