The New Normal

When I was growing up, it was literally all rainbows and butterflies. We lived on a bit of property, I was homeschooled, I have 3 siblings whom majority of the time got along and played for days. It was beautiful, I would sing to the trees on our property, see a deer every now and than, we would go canoeing on our tiny pond and play make believe games in which we could be whoever we wanted to be (or who our eldest brother dictated us to be). I LOVED ALL OF IT! Dad would come home, give us all hugs, play with us and be goofy while mom made a delicious non-preservative meal in which she used the eggs from our neighbours hobby farm.

I am sure I am not remembering all of it properly, but this is some of my earliest memories of my life. This was my normal.

With moving to a cul-de-sac, dad changing Jobs and our family switching churches and denominations my normal changed to this “new” normal. we had a daycare in the house, was learning by correspondence and my two eldest siblings went to a private school. It was different. I actually remember not really liking the new change, the only thing i liked is that i had friends who lived in my cul-de-sac, but some of them were rude, and i was very naive so i didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying. I just learned to adjust to what i thought was normal. My siblings and I were no longer that close, just my younger brother and I kind of clung on to the hope that things would go back to the way it was.

When my mom was diagnosed with Clinical Depression, my life made another adjustment. I didn’t understand what had happened or what to do for a long time after, probably not till after i graduated high school. My life went from family oriented, to friends, church, my faith in Jesus. My main goal was to reach out to as many friends as i had and share with them the Faith I had learned to appreciate and lean on. I loved my family, we were all growing up, and going different ways. I think no matter what had happened with my mom, I know my siblings and I would of done the exact same thing we did, we all went towards the path we felt was right for us. We grew up. this was my new normal.

moving out of my parents house, closer to school, and with friends, this was an exciting adjustment. becoming an adult. i was so good with my finances, i had money to save and use, I got to buy my own groceries, hang out as late as i wanted, and be who i wanted to be. this normal was a new and exciting one.

I met my husband, a whirlwind of dating for 3 months than getting engaged, this new normal of being “off the market” was an adjustment, I had lots of guy friends who i found out were in pursuit of me (which i found a little odd). I had heartaches and breaks but I LOVED MY FIANCE, he was a light of hope and future. my new normal was exciting, scary but so hopeful.

My normal has changed every year since being married. from paying off debt and hating our jobs, to spending 8 months in thailand, having roommate,both going to school, husband finishing school while i worked, to having our first baby. we have moved probably once a year. Now, we have a rental house, a 1 year old beautiful boy, a high school international student (whom we love!), I have a job as a youth pastor, my husband working for Lays Chips (who would of thought that!), this new normal was one we were waiting for, It has been a difficult adjustment (double income, daycare, two cars), i am so used to living paycheck to paycheck, or not having possessions, that this has been difficult. I have heard the harder you work for something, the more glorious it is when it happens. We have worked so hard to get where we are today, and it has been glorious. We are trying to hold everything loosely and thankfully.

Everyone has what they call normal, it is different than mine, but doesn’t mean it is better or worse, it is your normal. We need to stop comparing normals to others. Just see what God has given us and be thankful.  it would be so easy to spin my life story into a sob fest, I think anyone can do it to there pasts. But who I am today isn’t my past, I am me through Christ that strengthens me.

Just a little thought I have been thinking



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