Abortion, Pornography, Divorce… Feeling uncomfortable yet?

you whisper to your friend about someone you know going through something. “how tragic! how could they do that? I knew this would happen? I’m not surprised…”

Why must these hot topics always be in whispers and said only between the parties that are going through it? why can’t we talk about Mental Illness, Divorce, Homosexuality, Pornography, Abortion, Media Content in the open. I want to air out the lies from the truths. the hurt with healing, and the shame and guilt with freedom.

In youth we have just started a “hot topic” series. This is meant for our youth to get a professional or someone who has gone through it to come in and create a space for questions and to melt away the uncomfortable feeling of a hot topic to a knowledgable one. So far we have discussed Abortion. We created a space where students were able to ask questions (and boy did they ask questions) get stats, scenarios and hot issues involving this topic all in one sitting. The best part is it is in a safe, love filled environment. With these events i have asked parents to partner with me in praying for, talking with, and sharing their experiences with the specific topic. I give all the details I know to parents in advance and they either are supportive and send their child knowing what they will learn, or they don’t ( i am not offended if parents choose not to send).

The facts. Did you know that in Canada it is Legal to have an abortion at ANY stage of pregnancy! So until you conceive, you are allowed to choose what you want to do. You also don’t need parental consent to have an abortion, and no one needs to know. We need parental consent to watch a Rated R movie, get our belly button or nose pierced, but to have an abortion, Nah, why would there parents need to know about it.

I know that me writing this post will cause controversy, but the stats and facts are real. Whether you are Christian or not, this is happening. according to stats, 1/3 of babies born since 1988 have been aborted in Canada. I am missing 33 percent of my age category.

I am sticking to stats, but in my opinion I don’t know how i can neglect the facts of abortion. I see it hurt women, there families and I have seen how much regret is faced on the other side. I know there will always be exceptions to everything, but i am not sure how many exceptions there are to this specific topic.

I am very proud of the parents in my youth group. they have decided to equip their children in knowledge of this hot topic to help support there friends dealing with this issue. The main point is to allow the youth to be aware of what the actual facts are and to help them know what to do when something like this happens to a close friend or themselves.

Do you know what you would do if someone told you they were having an abortion?



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