Fall Fresh

I new season always seems to bring me a renewed outlook on life. Spring I get motivated to work out and spend more time outside as winter left me cozy in my scarfs but cooped up inside. Summer always leads me to make bucket lists and adventure plans with my family where Fall leads me to take a whole new outlook on my spiritual life. I don’t know why this is? Maybe its because in my childhood each fall School would start all over again and my day to day took more of a routine compared to the free spirit of summer. Youth group at my church would start with a big Kick off event and my pastors sermons would reboot to a more organized sermon mini series that would always seem to remind us to dedicate our days to spending time with God.

Fall Fresh is how I think of it. A new beginning. As the trees shed their leaves that they have been working hard to grow since spring and are now preparing for the winter, I feel i am doing the same. I am motivated to take what I have learned in the past year and actually start applying it to my every day. The courage I have gathered and stored up is ready to be launched.

My life is becoming more organized (out of necessity) and I am feeling more in control. In control! Some times that seems like a joke. How can a mom of two toddlers who also looks after other children (most of the time my house is full of 4 under 3!) every feel control. Well that is a whole other post in its self. The point of this post is that Fall for me is a new beginning when every thing else seems to be ending. I see it as a new start. A time to refocus. Those friendships that I have neglected, that bathroom that needs a good scrub, that to do list that needs to be re-examined. Re-focus. Re-commit. Do not let 2014 be a waste.

I challenge you to take a look at what you will have done in 2014. How is it any different from 2013? How are you different? Who have you inspired? Who have you helped? who have you loved? What new things have people found out about you?

Fall Fresh! This year is not over. Go meet your neighbor before their door closes for the winter. Make someone some cookies before they start a new year resolution to never eat sugar again. Invite a mom over who has little ones and make them all lunch before life gets to crazy and she is back at work or her kids are all signed up for 16 activities all day long. Take time. Read your bible. Pray. Take your dog for a walk. Learn to cook. start a blog. Maybe just read a book that doesnt start with “this ball is red!”.



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