A day in the life…

I have had a busy week, and to kind of top it off, i won’t have a day off till Monday. Which is fine! I am just not used to being this busy yet.
Anyways, this morning was a bit hectic, getting our owlet to daycare and than driving our fabulous student to school. This was followed by me going to a good friends house to clean.
I get to my friends house and start cleaning the Kitchen, singing away and than make myself a tassimo coffee. When she is around I usually drink a coffee with her either before or in the middle of cleaning.
Still working away I grab some cream and sugar stir it in, get distracted by something and than decide to just sit down and plan out my day so I have enough time to meet with people and go to the memorial, when should I pick up owlet so he isn’t at daycare all day etc, etc.
meanwhile I have had a few funky sips of coffee, I don’t think much of it and keep going on in my morning decisions, I look and realize the cream was all separated in my coffee, I go to the fridge and realize the cream was 4 days expired….

This is how I will start my work morning.

– Owl


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