Attempting to be in two places at once

So far I have been loving my job as an interim youth pastor, besides not knowing the end date. My son has been doing awesome, he practically jumps out of my arms when arriving at daycare, naps well, eats well, plays well. I pick him up he is ready to have some quiet playtime without having other kids steal from him, than he eats and goes to bed. Last week I dropped him off with the feeling he was a little off (he is 1 so i assumed his molars were bothering him). By the afternoon I had gotten multiple texts saying the day was off, not sleeping, or drinking his bottle, and only wanted to be help but was whining a lot. During all of this, i am prepping for the fall kick-off which is in 2 weeks, as well as staff training day, getting t-shirts ready and making sure I am booking all major events. Not to mention adding extra events for those who are not going back to school because of the strike. I pick him up only to rush home so i can have a semi-decently cleaned house for a guest that was arriving at 5:30. 

Our owlet wasn’t eating, playing or anything other than whining and wanting to be held. He is very independent, so this was quite the switch. I finally get him to fall asleep as we talk and hang out with our guest. around 9pm our son wakes up and is crying basically until the next morning. fever, crying, not eating. Take him to the doctors and they barely look in his mouth. STREP THROAT on a little baby! no wonder why it was been super ridiculous. meanwhile i need to take the next two days off work because he is contagious and can’t go to daycare. WHAT DO I DO! my job is still going, i am missing meetings, important conversations with leaders, and because my son isnt napping more than 20 minutes, i am cramming work things in those precious moments. 

I had to be in two places at once. I don’t know how I did it. Probably because of the lack of sleep, I managed to finishe emails, half prep for training day, get what was most needed done while caring for a strep ridden baby. Those 2 days and nights were the worst. that was when i wished i didn’t have a job with a ton of responsibility. Because when i take a day off, i don’t get to take away all the things i am responsible for, I just shove them over to another day that will make it an extra long one. 

That all being said. I LOVE my job! and I LOVE my son, I am so thankful everyday that i get to live out my Ministry and be a Mom to a (usually) happy, lovable, independent boy.


So this post is to all those working moms, you are awesome! people might say you are copping out for not taking care of your baby all the time (some mom’s) but really you are bringing home the bacon, being a super mom and enjoying all the moments you have in both categories.

good luck!




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