Surviving the Tornado: 2 under 2

As I watch my sweet little daughter, who is 17 months old, play with her older brother, who will be turning 3 in a few months, my heart is overwhelmed with Joy. I can only vaguely remember my life before these two entered it which seems like a whole life time ago. Two children in two years. One blessing after another, before I could even settle in with one child I was expecting another.

As I stood in the bathroom holding my 7 month old little boy in my arms waiting for the stick I just peed on, my heart was beating so fast. I do not remember all the things that went through my head while waiting those two minutes but I do remember the emotions. Pure excitement mixed with fear!

We found out at our 20 week ultra sound that we were having a Girl and the reality truly started sinking in. She came into our lives quickly and immediately stole all our hearts. My husband and son were instantly in love.


Their love for each other was never in the question. My sweet boy adjusted to having a younger sibling almost better than his daddy adjusted to having two children. Because he loved her so much it made my transition into life as a mother with two children so easy.


I could not believe how big my boy looked when I brought his little sister home from the hospital. Now as I look at my sweet girl who is a month older than her brother was when he became an older sibling, I am shocked! Wow, he was little. Wow, I was crazy! Two babies.

Last week when I was out for a walk with both of them in the stroller, someone asked me if they were twins.  Lately these days that is what it feels like. The older they get the closer their age gap feels.

This year has been a whirl wind but I have enjoyed and loved (almost) every minute of it. Yes, I have had my moments where all three of us are crying and my husband has come home to chaos and disaster.  I have taken them on adventures that will forever be a joyful memory for me and a hand full of adventures I file away as a learning experience.

Some of my favorite crazy and calm moments this past year are:

  • the first thing my son did when he saw his new sister was point to her face and say “nose” “eyes” “teeth!”
  • my son helping feed my daughter and her ending up with mashed sweet potatoes all over her face and his.
  • nursing my daughter while running my son to the potty and slipping on his pee on the floor and us all landing in a puddle of pee and milk.
  • holding them both on my lap while reading them books
  • holding them both in my arms and rocking their sick little bodies to sleep.
  • listening to their first conversation about a balloon
  • hearing my son say his sister name without being prompted by anyone
  • hearing my daughter say my sons name.
  • watching them play with toys together
  • watching my son push his sister on the swing and hearing her say “wheeee”
  • watching my son run all over the house to help find his sister favorite stuffed animal before bedtime as she sat on the floor crying

Those are just a few.

Watching my two beautiful babies play together and talk to each other, fills my favorite moments of each day.  God could not have created two human beings so different. I guess that also describes my husband and I. Our family is made up of 4 completely different personalities so there is a lot of room for entertainment. My sweet daughter is in love with her daddy and her brother. She wakes each morning chanting her brothers name and greats her daddy each day with a huge hug as he walks in the door after a long day at work. She made our family a little bit bigger and a lot more joyful.

To celebrate our adventurous year in parenthood we bought a cake and let them eat it too! Here are a few pictures of our super fun event. I took my own photos and bought a cake from a private baker who is just starting up her business so the whole thing only cost me 25 dollars. Having two children both in diapers sure made the dutch in me stick out and I learned how to stretch a penny.


DSC_0886 DSC_0891 DSC_0977 DSC_0990 DSC_0994 DSC_1012 DSC_1018

Our family has many adventures together but nothing would be possible without our greatest adventure of all. Our relationship with God. We give Him all the glory for the amazing things in our lives. Our children, Our marriage, Our family, Our jobs, our friendships, our home and our lives!

Dear God,

I pray for my sweet little babies as they grow and learn and becoming the man and woman you created them to be. I pray over their friendship and pray that you would soften their hearts towards each other and let them see each other through Your Eyes.

I ask for guidance for both me and my husband as we raise all our children. I ask that You would guide our footsteps in all areas of parenthood. Discipline, education, spiritual guidance, nutrition, emotional counseling, and in setting good personal life examples to our children.  Prepare our hearts and minds for all the different stages our children and family will go through. We can not do it alone. We NEED YOU! Jesus, We NEED You!

Please surround our family with a strong “Village” of people that will encourage, love and support us and our children as we grow. Please also use our family to encourage and support those other families and friends around us. Use us to fulfill the plans you have to further Your Kingdom.

Thank you for our families health. Thank you for our jobs. Thank you that my husband and I have such strong examples of great marriages in our lives and I lift up our marriage. I pray that each day we would grow closer to You and in return closer to each other.

Thank you Lord




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