unplanned, unprepared, unreal miracle


our little dude at his 1st birthday party

So I have heard so many people’s birthing stories, it comes with the territory of being a mom. But unless I was comfortable, I wouldn’t tell mine! I know you would think that it was the opposite. But because my son was not your typical birth story, i felt like i had to justify why he took a bottle, or why he is a little behind in crawling, walking, talking etc. But Yesterday he turned 1! My little easy going, always smiling, never full boy. So unless you don’t want to read, this is our story of how our little boy decided to see mom and dad 6 weeks early.

” you have placenta previa”, ” you shouldn’t work past 5 months pregnancy”, ” you have an ultrasound booked every 2 weeks”, ” your not allowed to leave the lower mainland”. These are some of the sentences I heard over and over and over. From 3 1/2 months pregnant onward, I knew that i wasn’t having a normal pregnancy, I was in pain a lot, and always worried. But my coping mechanism is being funny, staying light hearted and trying to make fun of my state while i hobbled around work (sometimes using an electric old person scooter). I worked up to the end of 31 weeks. I was so proud of myself, even though i should of been way more careful!(i know that now).

Monday August 26th, 2013: I worked on the saturday, and was starting my rest before the big C-section date September 13th. I had no clue what it would be like, i had appointments. multiple ultrasounds booked in the next few weeks. 

10:00ish Pm: ” Umm hunny, We need to call an ambulance” I say to my shocked husband beside me. I was hemorrhaging. ” Owl, Owl, what the heck, owl!” that was my husband (obviously using my real name), just in shock and not handling it very well. I manage to find my cell phone call 911 and explain the situation. Mean while i have no clue where my husband went, and I am slowly gathering my thoughts, making sure my beautiful baby was still doing the usual breakdance moves in the evening. pause, breath slowly, and YUP tonight its “thriller” with Michael Jackson.

Literally 5-10 minute later, and paramedic comes in and starts talking. he grabs me this awesome diaper thing, and we slowly move me. I knew the Paramedic was shocked with the loss of blood but he kept his cool, and they had calmed husband down enough that he could collect a few things (of course we have nothing ready for the hospital). This is where my laughing joking me comes into play, In the ambulance I am chatting it up with the paramedics, constantly feeling my baby moving around,doing the usual routine (which kept me calm i think) and i felt fine, no pain (besides the original start of it all) and acting like everyone will be alright. 

We arrive at the hospital, as they start taking all my clothes off with doors wide open, the on call doctor comes in and gets me to sign something and says, guess who gets to meet there baby tonight!  TONIGHT!!! holy, meanwhile they have suggested to my husband to call someone for moral support, seeing as our little owlet is coming to the work barely at 32 weeks they wanted him to have someone in case of the worst. I am prepped in the hallway to the surgery room. It was so quick, because of the loss of blood and danger with this operation, they had the whole crew in there! pediatrician specialist, blood transfusion dudes, extra nurses in case i have a seizure (does that happen?).

because of the needle guy (i forget what its called) to numb me, the usual reaction is puking a bit. so before my hubsters walks in a do a quick puke. this is only noted because the last thing I had eaten was skittles. ” thanks for getting me something so i can puke, can i have water?” the dude said ” nope, no drinking anything before the operation”. “well its a good thing i had skittles, because the aftertaste isn’t bad, could you imagine if i had spaghetti or something?!” i say. the guy is laughing and so are some of the nurses. 

My husband comes all ready for surgery. we are on one side of the big sheet. most people know how c-sections work so i wont give all the details.

it literally was 15 minutes from when they started I hear the cry ” you have a baby boy!” WHAT! our little boy is here! (we didn’t find out what we were having). my husband gets to go over and see how big and what our little man looks like. SO MUCH HAIR! Our little 4.14, 18 inch monster. I saw him for a couple seconds than he was rushed away to be assessed. 



He was so precious. It turned out the best case scenerio for a bad situation. He was born early, therefore his lungs were not fully developed so he was put on respirators for around 2 1/2 weeks and kept in an incubator to grow. But no brain trauma, no long term issues, nothing.

after 3 1/2 weeks. our little boy could come home with us. weighing maybe 5 lbs. I am not going to lie. those weeks were so hard! But i knew he was safe.

with this start, he only bottle fed for 6 weeks, than learned how to nurse for a couple months, started losing weight so we had to put him on formula. ‘It has been hard, he learned to do a bunch of things after he was over 6 months, but he is now catching up to everyone else in his age category, it took me a long time to be okay with this, not have to defend why i did certain things, now I see him, love on him and know that he is something I have grown up so fast for. 

so there it is. (most of it).



during our time in a Nicu than Nursery


IMG_0396 me trying to put him in his first sleeper, he obviously grew!

BradCarlaPeter-443 months old

IMG_0479 IMG_0579 IMG_0605 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0486 IMG_0664IMG_0636 IMG_1345 IMG_1373 IMG_1374 IMG_1388 IMG_1432 IMG_1439 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1629


– owl


4 thoughts on “unplanned, unprepared, unreal miracle

  1. You are a wonderful mother! I felt the same way about having to explain formula etc to everyone because both my kids were in the NICU as well. I’ve learned to just OWN it and tell everyone else to shove it 😉 (More politely than that of course!) Your story is amazing and your little boy is so lucky to have you guys as parents. Way to go, strong mama.


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