Fake it 'til you make it.

Fake it ’til you make it. This is the mantra for a self help group but I also apply it to my life.

As  mother of two little toddlers and my own home business this is a motto that I have begun to live by.

Kitchen is not clean and I have no idea what to make for dinner and I have friends coming over for dinner. Meanwhile my children are all still in their PJ’s and I have still need that shower I should have taken 5 hours ago after I did my half @$$ work out because my children were hanging off me and my son needed to pee 3 times.

“Fake it ’til I make it”

Put all the dishes into the sink and cover it with a dish towel. grab the frozen pizza from the fridge and cut up those two last carrots and 3 apples as an appetizer. Leave the kids in their PJ’s since its almost bedtime anyways and just tell your friends you got them ready early for convince. (early as in 24 hours ago). Dunk your head in the tub and put your hair in a messy bun. Throw on some more Deodorant and change your shirt! Ta-daaah!

You made it and may even receive the title of “Super Mom” From your dinner guests!

Now there are many other examples of how we can skip corners but what I really wanted to focus on is the “Health” part of our lives.

I am notorious for saying “I will start dieting on Monday. I just need to get rid of all this food and since I am on a budget that means I need to eat it all.” or the ever exhausted, “I will start working out 3 times a week starting next week.”

Worst! It never happens and if it does it never sticks.

I really had no more excuses that were convincing enough to let me get away with being so lazy. I had already had two children and I am no longer nursing either of them. I wasn’t pregnant. I am at home all day and I am my own boss. I have a jogging stroller and live near a gym and a pool. No Excuses.

What would get me motivated? What would keep me on track?

The answer to both of these questions is: People.


I am the type of person who will run faster and longer if I am on the side of the road with potential cars driving by verses running on a deserted dirt pathway through the forest. I need that accountability. I guess I am a little vain that way.

Knowing this about myself I quickly accepted the invitation from some new mom friends to create our own “running moms group”. We meet every Wednesday night and we train. We signed up for two fun runs last year running in the 5 Km races. That brought some fun back into working out and it was great to have something to train towards. We then trained for a 10 Km and I made my personal best on Race day. My goal was not to stop running. Simple goal. But I did it! plus I beat my time.

Now my mommy running club is going be doing at Half Marathon this fall! What? Who am I?

Running isn’t the only exercise I wanted to do. I know that running only is really good for your heart and muscles but doesn’t have much of an impact on your weight. I needed to work out. My issue with boot camps and exercise classes are that they are either on a day of the week I can not make it or they are during hours of the day that do not work with kids. Most of the classes that involve children with their moms are classes for babies who are not Mobile. I needed something that was during the day and that would let my children be either involved or entertained. Also more importantly, I am on a budget. I needed a class that was either super cheap or even better yet, FREE! 

I could have given up. I really had a lot of excuses as to why it just would not work. What did I do? Well, I started my own group. I needed that accountability so I needed people. I created a group where we meet at the park that is shaded for our children to play and we do a “mommy boot camp” around them.

At first I was super leery and nervous about starting this. I am not a trained professional and I am definitely not an instructor. I have taken about 20 classes and I have been working out since I was 6 years old gymnast. I have been athletic all my life but I have always had a coach telling me what to do. This solo thing was hard. But i was motivated to make this work.

I created a group on Facebook and invited all my friends. I knew not a lot of them would be able to make it so I also posted my idea on a local “Meet Up” group for active moms. My first day I had 6 woman come and join me! I was so thrilled! it was amazing and we worked hard. We kept meeting week after week and the group kept growing and growing. Now I have an average of 12 woman and 15 kids each week. We work hard while our children play. Sometimes we have to stop and break up a fight or redirect a behavior or open a granola bar. Some moms have to sit out a few exercises to nurse their babies but its FREE. So who cares!? It is better than sitting on a couch complaining and making your list of excuses.

This is not my job so I run it for FREE! It is an awesome way to meet new moms who share the same goals as you and it is a great accountability for me to work out. I encourage you to start your own in your community. You do not need much. We all bring a yoga mat or towel and I just look up the different exercises on Pinterest! Here is an example of what we do.

1. First Round (each one for 1 minute with a 30 second break)

a) arms- push ups     b) Core- Russian Twists   c) Legs – Squats

Cardio – 3 sprints up Hill

2. Second Round (each one for 1 minute with 30 second break)

a) reverse push-ups b) banana Rocks (30 seconds each side) c) one leg squats (30 second each side)

Cardio – 50 meter Sprints. 2 minutes

3. Last Round (1 minute each with 30 second breaks)

a) wall sit arm dips b) V-snap/crunches c)Fast Feet

End it all with a “Plank Challenge” (hold a plank for as long as you can and see who wins)

Then we Stretch and go home!

Gibsons 3 -august 17th 234

That is what the way I lead it. I switch it up each week with different exercises I find on Pinterest or other Ideas my fellow mommies give me.

We have a lot of fun and man do we make our work out count. By the end we are dripping with sweat and we feel amazing!

This ‘Mommy boot Camp” is a huge highlight of my week. My children even look forward to it because it is a huge play date of little two and 3 year old running around. Happy Children means Happy Mommies.


This is a super important area that needed huge changes. I was eating like I was still a teenager who worked out 6 days a week with my basketball team.

My amazing Friend from  www.wellnesswithjoanna.com has helped me so much. She has been re-educating me on what it means to eat better. I am learning about what I should eat and focusing on that instead of what I shouldn’t. I am re-examining the foods I love and deciding how I should avoid them or recreate them. She has amazing ideas on recipes for all kinds of situations. She has even taken away my “but I am camping” excuse. I love it. It is really working for me and it is taking away all the guilt I feel when I chose to eat something I probably should not. Because I am trying to change my eating habits permanently it is helpful to have a support and for it to not have the title of “diet”. I hate the word “diet”. It makes me feel guilty when I have had an amazing day but snuck in that piece of dark chocolate with my tea.

Making small changes and long term goals has really helped. I am a lover of all food and it is great just becoming educated on my food choices. I also love that I c
an eat a lot and feel full all day but still be losing weight. I am even slowly weening off of Cheese. This is huge for me. I was actually addicted to cheese. Full on addicted! I had it with every meal and I honestly would even create meals around cheese. I truly lived by the cheese motto, “all you need is cheese.”

Nutrition is a much harder topic for me than Exercising. I enjoy working out and being active. I do not really enjoy having to think about what I eat. With my new mindset on food and grocery shopping I am finding Nutrition is becoming a much easier area in my life to control. I would recommend checking out her website for recipes ideas and health education. She has helped me in so many ways. Plus she is an over all awesome wife and mommy of two and an amazing friend!


backyard play and lindeman hike 007

Changing your habits takes 21 days. That is what some professionals say. I have found this very true in my own life. In the beginning I was living by the motto “Fake it ’til you make it.” and now I no longer have to fake it. I am motivated just on my own by seeing results and changes in my life. I feel so much healthier and I am loving living in my own body. Most importantly my children are experiencing a much happier and healthier mom. I am able to keep up with them and sometimes I last longer! (sometimes). I do not want to be that mom who can’t climb up the tree to help their child down. I want to sit on the side lines because I have a coffee in my hand a good book, not because I am out of shape and exhausted. I want my children to be able to eat everything and to be educated on making their own healthy choices with it comes to food and activity.

Setting a good example is important to me and in order for me to get that to start I had to fake it until I made it. Some days there is a lot of faking and some days there is none at all. Having an amazing support team around you and friends who do not let you give up is important. Find them. They are out there. Maybe that person is me?



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