We Heart "She Is Clothing"

Hello Friends,

Lion and I have been jumping on that bandwagon all those lovely trendy mom’s have jumped on. Which bandwagon are you talking about? well the obvious one, breastfeeding till our children are 3!

Just kidding. We Heart She Is Clothing! (the bandwagon is small businesses with sweet t-shirts and kids clothes)



She is STRONG” (Kimberly Gladman)

Lion bought her and her daughter matching shirts a while back, I know it was for some goal she accomplished, but I forget what (maybe Lent?). But I been an avid follower on instagram for she is clothing (@sheisclothing) and I have always loved how they put women working out, or looking strong and healthy and comfortable with who they are! I love that each shirt says ” Elle est Forte” and has Proverbs 31:25 on it. I love going out, knowing that this shirt empowers me to want to be a strong person, mentally, physically and spiritually.(first i need to memorize the verse on my shirt)

this post goes out to Kimberly Gladman, We love you, we love that you are local (VANCOUVER!!) and we love that you empower women to be strong, whatever strong looks like to them.IMG_1635

Lion and I wearing the She Is clothing! and My dear friend Oklahoma and I, she is wearing the other wonderful brand Hello! I ALSO LOVE HELLO APPAREL


I Bought My She is clothing shirt at the button box boutique in Chilliwack! look it up! its so cute, and so is Spruce Collectives in Abbotsford.

– Owl


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