Throw Back Thursday

*deep sigh….. today was a long day. 

My youngest woke up at 5:30 am (AGAIN) and it was my turn to get up with her. By the time breakfast time came around I truly felt like it should be lunch time. 

I decided to try and be productive with my morning but by 7:30 am I had already half started 3 house hold chores and really didn’t make any progress on any of them. My brain was tired, or maybe it had yet to wake up. 

I decided to take a new approach. I packed the kids in the stroller and set off. I had a few errands I needed done so I decided to be productive outside of the house. 

Two Kilometers from my front door (so says “Run Keeper”) I ran into my sisters great friend walking her Dog. I haven’t seen her in a long time and it was great running into her. A short conversation later we were back on our way. Weird, I never see people I know when I am out.

At Kilometer 5 and errand number 2 I run into an old Co-worker whom I haven’t seen in over 7 years! Talk about “throw back Thursday.” We had a little more to catch up on than with my sisters friend. We found out we live really close to each other and are going to plan to meet up soon. Wow. Two people in one day! Love it!!

A few more boxes checked off my “to do” list and, yup you guessed it, another old friend. This time we set a record. At least 17 years since I saw this friend. And she now lives down the street. It did not seem like that long because of social media but when I started to think about it that last time I saw her face in person was 17 years ago.

Okay, that is enough. I am exhausted and I am not sure I have any small talk left in me. Besides all the old friends I keep bumping into my double stroller filled with 3 toddlers, groceries and a bike is attracting quite the crowd of strangers and their “witty” comments. “wow. you have your hands full!” Yes, yes I do! Thank you Captain obvious. Don’t worry I can hold this door by myself and maneuver this stroller onto the side walk as you stand there and make googly eyes at my toddler who is supposed to be sleeping!

Later on after dinner we walk over to my Moms house to see her new Kids Play Room (which is amazing and totally a hit with the kids) and on our way home I run into my old childhood neighborhood friend! She is living literally 1 minute walk away from me now! WHAT!?! Insane! Our kids are super close in age and they hit it off right away. I had to drag them back in the stroller kicking and screaming. It also did not help that it was an hour past their bed time. 

As we take the last stretch in our journey home we run into two ladies who I used to see last year at the elementary school every day while I was picking up my day care kids. They start up a conversation that sucks me. Fitness. I love talking to moms who are trying to get back or even just get in shape! Love it!! After inviting them to my mommies boot camp class and begging my toddler to stay in the stroller I politely excused myself from the conversation and dashed home like Cinderella at the ball when the clock struck Midnight.

6 People! Six real life Throw Back Thursday encounters. Best part is … It is actually Thursday! So it counts right? I do not have to make up a new name like “Flash back Friday” or “That happened before Tuesday” 

I didn’t take any pictures of it or any selfies with me and my new-old friends. I just enjoyed life and left my house and actually felt like a true Throw Back Thursday Day.



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