Bathing suit mommy

I have read a few blogs recently of mom’s not shying away from swim wear and showing there tiger stripes (stretch marks). Well I have been feeling convicted a few months ago about this and started slowly building my self esteem. This past week I went to Mexico on a romantic getaway. The day before we left I was packing my mom bathing suit ( tankini that leaves nothing showing and my sports shorts) and as I was staring at them I thought to myself why do I care about my stretch marks and rolls?! So as I was in that mentality I quickly bought a bikini top and didn’t pack my shorts. With that mentality I overcame my self consciousness (it’s a lot easier to do in another country) and showed off what God has given me, my son and a figure. it was so freeing! I am not a size 2, I am not perfect but I love who I am!
This doesn’t mean I stop trying to be healthy, it just means I know I am beautiful now, not when I am smaller or before I had a baby, I am beautiful now. I wore my bathing suit with stretch marks and pride. My husband was proud to call me his wife and we i think had a even better time because I wasn’t constantly worried about my legs, stomach, whatever else. I was enjoying myself and he was able to see all my beauty.

I will even test my self-consciousness and put my selfies up from my vacation! I wore a short skirt and a bikini! Bahh I did cheat and wear a high wasted bathing suit bottom, but I have tiger stripes on my legs, back and tummy so it wasn’t like I could hide all of them.




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