Happy 5 Year Anniversary to US!

So My husband and I left our little 11 month old with capable family and friends and set off on a whirlwind spur of the moment vacation! Why not? YOLO? whatever reason you want to give for going we used, and went. Yes it was difficult to leave our bundle of joy, he really is a pretty good kid, happy, loves to sleep, but we knew that if he was older he would be more attached and probably not sleep as well as he has been.

ANYWAYS, we booked our vacation package online through air canada.  The flights were good, no transfers, straight to where we wanted to go. Resort was decent, probably canadian rated 3 1/2 star, food was never ending, themed buffet, had a Grill with burgers and fries.

the real fun was going to “Rythmes of the night” tour.  You go on a boat to an island which is lit up with thousands of candles, they put on an INCREDIBLE SHOW! (mouth was open with shock of some of the crazy things), and than you are put just on the beach for dinner, which the food was the best we had for the entire trip. it was truly a super enjoyable evening. we topped it off with new friends we met at our resort that were on there honeymoon and from England.  I would tell anyone and everyone to experience that event!

We stayed at the “Canto Del Sol”. the staff at this resort are so friendly, they never ignore you or forget what you order and the activities were a lot of fun. almost everyday there was kayaking, beach or water volleyball and water pollo (which was for adults only so we could be more aggressive).

We had 7 night stay at Canto Del Sol, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Happy 5 Year anniversary to us!


– Owl


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