Helpful or homework?

Today while I was making lunch for my family and cleaning the kitchen at the same time (like I normally do) I spent some time thinking about some interesting blog posts. I grabbed my cell phone and jotted down some ideas for topics on the “note pad” application. I noticed how good I am at multitasking. Toot Toot! (Well if no one else is going to compliment me I better do it myself.)

It is kind of ironic when I think about how much I hated writing in high school and I would literally dread having to write a term paper or even a short essay. I probably did not enjoy writing them because all my hard effort never got me more than a “B” and most of the papers topics were boring and irrelevant to my life. I never thought I would ever need to write again after university. I figured I would be done. But I realized that I spent most of the last 11 years writing. I wrote a children’s story (still in the process and is top secret), I wrote journal entries to my children during both my pregnancies and on through their first years of life. Then my sister and I started this blog.

This blog has been a great outlet for me. My brain is always spinning with ideas and thoughts that this blog helps me organize. It does start to feel a little like a homework assignment when I have not posted in a while and have run out of inspiring topics. But its a good feeling when I finish writing something and someone comments on it or shares it with friends or even just sends me a message telling me they loved what I wrote.

It is very vulnerable sometimes when I chose a topic to write about that is personal but I am not the type of person to let that feeling stop me from sharing my thoughts. I am a person who loves to be honest. I really get annoyed when people are fake. life is to short to pretend you are someone you are not.

I know my sister and I both hope this blog is inspiring, encouraging, and interesting for people who read it. although it feels like homework sometimes it is nice to know that if one blog post is a flop we will not get graded and ultimately fail. It will eventually get lost in the cosmic internet universe. Right?



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