Book review : Mission of Mercy – By Nancy Alcorn

I love to read. That is normally how these reviews start right? Well I do love to read but my biggest problem is I never make time to actually do it. I will sit down with a book and read the first paragraph only to have to read it all over again because what I was really doing was making a list of all the things I need to clean in my house or buy from the grocery store.

As a mom who gets easily distracted and who ends up laying on the couch for two hours after putting the kids to bed only to leave it to crawl into my own bed, I do not actually do much reading. So when I do. I like to pick a book worth while. We were given a book for free called “Mission of Mercy” : Allowing God to use YOU to make a difference in others. – Written by Nancy Alcorn. It is an inspiring book about a ministry that has made life changing impacts in many young women’s lives. I felt honored to even read it.

I grew up in a very stable and loving family and we went to church each week. I knew I was loved by my parents and by the God who created the universe. When I was younger I had a hard time understanding why people would make such horrible decisions in their lives that would cause them to end up in awful situations. Drugs, Alcohol, sex, prostitution, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and even teen mothers? I mean how does that happen? How do you end up there? Just say “No”. right? Wrong.

This book really gave me an attitude reality check. I, without meaning too, was totally judging people who struggled in these areas. I did not know how to relate and would often approach the relationship as if I was Better or even Superior than them. Wow. Gross. I am truly embarrassed.

Mercy. I learned that Mercy is something we all need. The stories in this book are inspiring and the author shares the girls stories from their perspective and then from her own. I was brought to tears numerous times and I actually genuinely laughed out loud. I learned so much about myself while reading it and also learned where I need to grow. 

I recommend this book to anyone who needs Mercy. In other words, I recommend this book to Everyone!



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