Last Minute Decisions are the BEST!

So we actually did it. We actually decided to go through with it, no turning back now. My husband and I booked a 7 night stay at an all-inclusive resort in MEXICO! It doesn’t seem super crazy, but the fact is, we are leaving in a week. I still am a little shocked. We found a ridiculous deal to stay with flights included, figured the best time to go was now before my jobs adds more hours, as well as our son is 11 months old, so he is a prime age to leave with someone (sleeps 13 hrs at night, still has 2 naps, and is chaseable). I am super excited, and I am looking forward to being bored, sleeping in, wearing my mom bathing suit, and being with my husband.

I know it will be difficult not seeing our owlet but I know I won’t regret going. It is our 5 year anniversary this summer and what an awesome, crazy, hot, fun, spur of the moment way to spend it.

– Owl


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