It Is a Calling

I have heard growing up with my Dad in sales that it is a “lifestyle” . You can’t just go to work, come home and have it separate.  Just like sales, I feel that lots of jobs have this all the time work ethic thing happening, but we just call it being a “workaholic”.  yes I agree, there are a lot of people who do obsess and work 24/7 when it is not needed. BUT what is needed in youth ministry? someone who only works the hours that they are being paid (for me that is 24 hrs a week) or, should I be on call?

I love my job. When I am at the Church, in my Office all I want to do is smile and plan the next event, revamp what we want to do in the future, and make sure I am communicating properly with co-workers. I enjoy my job, and sometimes I feel like I am not suppose to. Sometimes I feel like I should be complaining more, that I should already feel burnt out because I see my youth ALL the time. I want to invite them into my home whenever they want, I want them to take ownership of the youth ministry at our church and take it not just in the building but everywhere they go. We are a family, and some of the youth are seeing it and are really enjoying it as much as I am.

So why is it so weird for people to see that this is a choice I am making that I love, My husband , son and Student enjoy! I know it is something for extended family and friends to get use to. for example, I was going to have a friend come over,and three girls were here at my house. I told them they had an option of helping me clean up my house and feed my son or they need to go home. They all stayed to clean and asked me politely to hang out in our basement and watch netflix while my friend was over. I said no, not because it would be work to have them stay, but I need to respect friends who come over and are not expecting to have teenagers at my house.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that being a Youth Leader is for people who are okay with expanding there personal life into a mission. Isn’t that what we are all called to be? missionaries?


– Owl



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