Toys for Babies 1 Day to 10 Months old

I remember being about 6 months pregnant and thinking. WHAT DOES OUR BABY NEED!?

So i started going to Babies R Us or any store that had Baby Items. So overwhelming. I didn’t know this, but at the stores they can sell items that Doctors and Nurses wont let you leave the hospital with on your car seat. So how do new mom’s figure it out? Well thankfully my sister had already had two children, as well as her daughter is 5? months older than our son. As well as my cousin had a Baby Girl 4 months before i had my son. But even though we have similar ages, babies are different. My son stayed in the “lay on the ground and have things around me seem cool but i won’t touch them and barely smile” stage till about 7 months. Keeping in mind, he was born 6 weeks early and he ended up losing weight at 5 months,which set us behind a bit. Now at 9 months, my Owlet is sitting, rolling, almost crawling, laughing, eating solids, has 2 teeth coming in and all around rambunctious boy.


ANYWAYS, This is my idea of what I would of loved to read if I was pregnant and overwhelmed with all the options.

In my opinion, for the first year, you don’t need much, We think we need 6 teething toys, and blocks, and playmats, and a Bumbo, exercauser with all the items in the world on them, and a playroom etc.

after the initial 3 months of catching up on sleep and your  baby just being happy with a soother and your goofy faces and cuddles,

in my opinion you will want:

1. Sophie the giraffe chew toy.  We have a small version with more handles. the larger sophie is great, but we had noticed that the smaller sophie was something our son enjoyed holding, easier to chew on and wasnt massive for his little hands. he is 9 months old and still enjoys playing with this sophie.

2. a playmat: yes, i do believe that a play mat is important for babies. our son LOVES (still loves lying underneath his) playmat, we have one that has a piano at the feet, and when he kicks it ,it plays music, it has a mirror above him to watch his feet move. HE LOVES THIS THING! it also transitions for him to sit and play it with his hands. I think we payed 50 for it, but it was worth it! he has enjoyed it since 3 months. even just sitting under it and doing nothing, to playing with all the toys and kicking his feet and using his hands on the piano. and bonus: the songs aren’t that annoying and has a few options for volume.

3. an Exercauser: if you have a son/daughter that is like ours and wants to see all that is going on, i would recommend an exercauser. I don’t really enjoy the bulky plastic ones, I don’t like the idea of storing it after he is done using it, and it taking your whole trunk up if you need to bring it with you anywhere. SO, we bought an exersaucer called a “go-pod” it is essentially a camping chair but in a form of an exercauser. it is so great! it has places to put your own toys on it and it folds up like a camping chair, which has been super helpful travelling to friends houses, or even to a weekend getaway trip. bonus: its only 60 bucks!, more than half the price of a brand new exercauser.

4.  Books: I feel like books are great investments. Since our son was in my womb,we have been reading out loud childrens books. My husbands favorite are dr.Seuss, I love books that have touch stuff on them and things that my son can eat without destroying the book. We read to our son every day probably twice a day (or more) 3-6 books at a time. YES, you read that right, my little man can sit through multiple books. he enjoys sucking on his soother, chiming in with giberish a few times and touching the pages as you read.

5. a few extra toys that attach to the stroller and carseat that your baby can play with and hold without it being too heavy. emphasis on the FEW extra toys.


In my opinion you really don’t need much when they are so young. we have a shelf ( the ikea square shelf with 4 cubbies), and only  one cube has toys in it, and two have books. he has a small corner of our living room and he can play with his toys for at least 20-30 min at a time.

other than this, take your babies for walks, outside, see other children of various ages. let them eat grass, play in dirt and be fascinated with what God has given us! I have set aside a full hour of no electronic time everyday with my son, and he just enjoys playing with no toys, climbing on me, reading, staring at all my neighbours from our front window standing on the couch. just let your child enjoy making something out of nothing bought.


my only thing i have wanted to share with my family, is instead of toys for occasions, i would rather get something to put in his savings account.


– Owl


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