My Fathers Legacy

Happy Father DAY!!

Being a dad is not an easy job. I do not actually know this first hand but I have been an observer of a father for 29 years and I am now watching my husband enter this same role. You not only have to work and provide for your family but you need to engage with and care for them as well. Its hard to balance work, friends, family, and hobbies. Wait! whats a hobby? Just kidding. A hobby for my husband is getting to go play hockey on a week night while I go to bed at the same time as our kids. My hobby is sleeping. His is hockey. I digress.

I am dedicating this post to my father on this Fathers day weekend. This is his gift and his card. (only because I have no time or money to get him anything else)

My dad is awesome! I really do not have much to complain about. He helped shaped me into the amazing wonderful person I am today 🙂 . Good job dad. As I look back on my childhood and as I plan with my husband how we are going to raise our children I can not help but make a list of all the great things my dad did that I want to do for my kids. He wasn’t perfect. But he sure found a lot of ways to be awesome. Here is a list of a few things that my dad did and still does to keep his title as the WORLD BEST DAD!

1. My dad loves JESUS. – My dad brought us to church each Sunday and he even taught us Sunday school. My dad prayed with us each night before bed and instilled Godly principles in us that we hold onto dearly still today. He puts Jesus first. I remember being upset with my sister and my father telling me to love her because that is what Jesus has called me to do. Sometimes you have to look past the person and look to Jesus. Loving my sister is loving Jesus. Jesus is much easier to love than my sister was, that is the truth. He made learning bible stories a lot of fun. He would pick out the not so popular stories and retell them to us in such animated ways that you could almost feel like you were there.

As we got older he would share with us his own struggles and trials and he would be very truthful with us about what he was going through. He made our family a safe place to be. A safe place to share our fears and prayers and joys and accomplishments. His honesty rubbed off on us all.

2. My dad hugs us – oh man. My dad hugs. He hugs everyone. At first I think of how annoying this is. Sometimes even embarrassing. But as I raise my own children and see them with their father I realize how important this was. Especially for my sister and I. If I ever needed a hug, My dad was there. I never had to seek this kind of attention from anyone else. My dad was and is great at the bear hug. He has mastered it and I swear it heals all things. There is nothing a Big bear hug and a prayer from my dad, can’t solve.  I know a huge reason I had such a successful dating life is because I never needed to seek physical attention from any boy. I was secure in who I was.

3. My dad plays with us – My dad would come home from work and drop his bags and give us all hugs (of course) and play and play with us. We would stop to eat dinner and then we would play until bed time. It was super special to get that time with my dad. He would play with us like only dads can. We would do a lot of rough housing and running around. Sometimes my mom would have to usher us outside in order to keep her sanity. I know understand why this is so important. Especially for my brothers. A mom can not play with her sons like their father can. I just do not get it. My son plays with my husband in a whole different way. Even my daughter does. I know they cherish their time with their father and I cherish my time alone:)

4. My dad loves my mom – I never questioned this. I never will. My dad is just so great at showing us how much he loves my mom. This was a huge influence on me as I chose my husband. I knew I needed to be loved and that it was something that was important. Love is just not words. Love is actions. Love is in the little things. Even when they were in a fight or disagreement. I never doubted that he loved her. He always speaks highly of her. Our family has had its own drama and struggles. Some of our mountains we are still climbing, but my dad has and will always love my mom. This love is just not a word. It is an action that is shown daily. I love him so much for it! His love for his family and his wife is what makes him my Hero!

5. My dad works really hard – This is definitely something no one can argue against. He works hard and plays hard. He give %110 in everything that he does. He may not be the best or most qualified, but his hard work ethic sticks out! This quality has totally rubbed off on all of his children. It shows in their life accomplishments. We know that if you want anything in life you have to work hard. My dad not only works hard, he has an amazing attitude. He is always positive. Okay, maybe not always. But when it counts he is positive and encouraging. That is something he has always taught us. Work hard, Have a good attitude, and that is how you serve God. That is something we are going to teach our children.

6. My dad loves sports – This one is important even if you do not like sports. Being able to play on a team and work with others is so important. It has helped my marriage, friendships, job, and even my parenting. My dad always made us try things and give them a chance before quitting.  Best part of this one is that my dad to this day still plays on teams. He is not one of those over weight dads sitting on the side lines telling us what to do. He is encouraging us join in and then playing a long side us. I love that he plays on  the same soccer team as my brother and that at family gatherings he is the one playing soccer or hockey with the grandchildren. He is a man who only ages in years not in spirit. I hope to always be like him. I want to be the healthiest and strongest I have ever been, every new day that passes.

7. My dad is a good friend – When I was a little girl I had no idea how to make new friends. I distinctly remember my dad giving me lessons on how to introduce myself to another child. We practiced and practiced. I was a shy little girl but really friendly once you got to know me. My father taught me that it is important to be authentic and true to who you are. He always said it is important to not care what others think and just to be yourself.  This kind of openness and honesty became a cornerstone in all my relationships. I have had the same best friends since grade 8. I have a solid relationship with my husband because we started out as friends. My dad may not have a lot of friends, but he is a great friend to the ones he has. He has made sure we are all great friends to ours as well.

8. My dad talks with us – My dad always knew when something was up. He learned to read each one of us and we knew he knew when he would ask us to “go for a drive”. He would take us for a drive to do errands. There is something freeing about being the car sitting side by side with no other distractions that just makes you want to open up. He knew the right questions to ask and he would know when to just listen. This is something that I am trying to implement in my parenting. I always knew my dad would be willing to listen to what I had to say. He doesn’t always feel like he needs to solve all our problems. He knows that sometimes we can solve our own problems just by talking about it. This taught me how important it is to communicate. This has become so important in my relationship with my husband. Communication is Key!

9. My dad is a wonderful father in law- Okay, so this one is all about perspective. My dad is kind of annoying with all his hugs and how he loves to ask questions or make statements that might make you feel uncomfortable if you haven’t been apart of the family for as long as us lifers. But the longer I am married the more my sweet husband agrees with this statement. My dad is not one of those Hollywood Dads who is ridiculously over protective of his daughters and makes it near impossible for a sensible reasonable young man to even approach him. He got to know both my husband and my sisters husband as soon as he could. He showed interest in their lives and made them feel comfortable. Best of all. My dad trusts the children he is raising and trusts their judgment to find a spouse that is right for them. His honest personality and all of the above points that I have made almost ensure that he is raising children who will pick a spouse who is caring, loving, and respectful.

10. My dad puts family first – We are it. We are the ones he works hard for. He started fatherhood and marriage at a really early age and he has really nailed it. He is not perfect. He never will be. But he has found a ton of ways to be great at being a father. I knew that no matter where he is or what he is doing he will drop everything to try and help me out in whatever way he can. That is the kind of person I want to be. I want to always be there for everyone I love. I want to put family first. My family consists of more than just people related to me by marriage or blood or law. My family are the people that have taken a hold of a piece of my heart. I know my dad is the same way. My dad has a huge heart.

I love my dad.

Today on fathers day I want to honour what an amazing man my father is. He is honourable, lovable, hug-able, and respectable. He is hilarious, silly, weird, and quirky. He is mine. He is my dad and I owe him a lot.

Thanks Dad for doing all of the above. My family is going to benefit from the rich legacy you are passing onto us. You are awesome! I love you!


-Lion a.k.a Your favorite oldest daughter!



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