in my opinion, the space between the driver and passenger seat was meant for moms to reach back to find soothers, calm babies and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted. putting on your hazards is meant for mom’s with more than one child, when one starts crying the other one throws the soother to a … Continue reading FACT

My Fathers Legacy

Happy Father DAY!! Being a dad is not an easy job. I do not actually know this first hand but I have been an observer of a father for 29 years and I am now watching my husband enter this same role. You not only have to work and provide for your family but you … Continue reading My Fathers Legacy

The Pop up shop Boom!

I do not know about you, but I have a Love/Jealous relationship with all these adorable and successful little Pop up shops all over Instagram and other social medias. These inspiring stay at home or working moms are adding to the chaos of their already busy lives and starting creative and beautiful home businesses. I … Continue reading The Pop up shop Boom!

Nurture with Nature

A big goal in my family with my children is to let them experience a natural childhood. To us that means, playing outside, getting dirty, and not relying on “stuff” to entertain them but to be able to entertain themselves. For people who do not have young children you might think this comes naturally. All children … Continue reading Nurture with Nature