Family garden Project 2.0

Last year we planted a Garden in our back yard. It was a project that was kind of last minute and thrown together. It ended up being so awesome. We had a bunch of veggies that didn’t work and a few that were a hit. So, this year as I was planning what to grow I took this all into consideration. 

I also wanted my children to be more involved in the process and take more pride in the garden. So I created a bunch of little projects for them to do. 

1. We made Veggie Signs for where the seeds are growing. Easy project that looks really cute. 

All you need is paper, crayons, Sharpies, Laminator, Chop sticks, and electrical tape/ duct tape.


I Googled clip art of each veggie/herb that I planted and copied a picture with my sharpies and outlined it boldly then got the children to color it in with crayons that I chose to match the colors of the veggies. Then I laminated them and taped them to the chop sticks. Easy peasy! Done:) water proof and look adorable. I guess not everyone owns a laminator but you could always take them to a local staples and get them to do it.



2. Another way I got them involved was I got them to plant the seeds. This was their favorite part! I plotted out the garden with which seeds would go where and then got them to match up the garden markers with the right seed packs. Then I dug the holes and held the seeds while they planted them in the ground and then covered them up.



3. I gave them their own jobs when it comes to watering. They are not allowed to touch my big gardens but they are allowed to water their little ones. I have a few little window boxes that I put in their play area with strawberries and herbs that they are allowed to water. They take great pride in making sure that their plants stay hydrated. At first I was worried they would over water them but they don’t. They know to just water it one time a day. Which is pretty awesome for 2 year olds:)


Best part of the Family Garden Project 2.0 is that my children are older this year and love it even more than they did last year. They enjoyed planting it and because they were involved I believe they do not feel the need to mess with my garden. They know that I don’t go in it anymore and so neither should they. Now, I just need to figure out how to keep our local animal scavengers from eating my seeds!!




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