Being a Mom and not just a friend

As I have been adapting to my new role as “Mom” to my son, I am also realizing that I have changed how I treat and share my life with my youth. I don’t want to be a friend, someone they gossip too and I just listen and say “SWEET” or ” crazy” or ” i can’t believe that”, I want to be someone they can ask questions, feel comfortable but want an answer and someone to walk alongside them for longer than a year.  Why do I want to be more than just a friend?

Growing up, I had lots of friends, some, my friendship was longer than 2 years, but almost all of them, I was friends with for a season, i shared all my hurts and desires and life with them, but right now, I have nothing to show for it. We have become friends on facebook, but that is all. I know we go through seasons of change, but I also know that some friends last forever, like my sisters friends, she has a clique (sorry) that she had from the first day of grade 8. these are her friends, and she still cherishes every rise and fall in those relationships. 

Back to teens,  I want to be there for them, not just when they are struggling and wanting someone to gasp for them in horror of whoever said that or did that. I want to be a mom, someone who they have everyday, but instead of gasping and always saying how awful, i want to tell them its going to be okay, and I am here if you need me, or what do you want for dinner, things that usually you only say when you feel comfortable and loved. I am not trying to replace there mothers, but I know that my role now in a teens life, is no longer BFF, but someone who IS older, who IS potentially wiser, and someone who you share life with longer than a season.  


– Owl


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