10 Summer Time Tips

  1. WATER- Water is so important. Especially because children and babies don’t know how important it is. If a child says they are thirsty it means that they are already dehydrated. Some ways that I keep tabs on my children’s water intake is they each have their own water bottle. I refill it at each meal/snack and take note of how much they have drank. They only get Water. They can have juice at morning snack.  I make their water bottles available every where they are playing. It is important to make sure you do not leave their water bottles in the sun or in the car. If they were left outside in the sun or in the car just pour out the water and refill it once the water bottle has cooled down. 
  2. Sun Screen – Obviously. But here are a few tips of how and when I apply it. With my baby i apply it when i change her diaper in the morning and before i put her clothes on. Then I apply it again after her afternoon nap. With my toddler i put it on in the morning right after he wakes up and then after his afternoon nap. 
  3. Hats with Dorky Brims – Yes I know these hats are not the most in-style or fashionable hats out there but man do they work. They not only shade the face of your child but also their neck and ears. It is like applying sunscreen for the second time. Trust me. You do not want to deal with burnt noses, ears or necks! worst!! 
  4. Healthy Juicy Snacks – water melon, freezies, frozen yogurt, fruit, or anything with lots of liquids. This will help with keeping them dehydrated and happy:)
  5. Avoid 11am-2pm – Stay Inside during those hours. The hottest time of the day is between 11 and 2 so it is best to plan to be in doors during those times.
  6. Umbrellas – Use Umbrellas to cover the areas that children are playing. But Remember, not all umbrellas are UV protected. Children can still get a sun burn under it. A trick that I do is I put a sheet or blanket over top of the umbrella if children will be under it for long periods of time. 
  7. Towels – I use towels as door mats during the summer. When the children come in I wipe their feet on the tops and bottoms with it. Then at the end of the day i throw it in the laundry and put a new towel down.
  8. Cinnamon in Sand Boxes – This keeps ants and cats out of it. I also keep our sand box covered when we are not playing it. Keeps the sand cooler and cat poop free.
  9. Windows – Cool house means longer naps and happier mommies.  To keep my house cooler I open all the windows in the morning  and then I keep them shut from 10am – 4pm. (including closing your blinds) Then reopen them and your windows to let in the cooler evening air. 
  10. Get dirty. This is a great time of year to get dirty and not have to clean it up right away. We often spend our whole morning outside and then come inside for lunch, bath and nap. My kids sleep way better after a morning of playing. I have a few shirts and a few pairs of shorts that become their “play uniform”. They wear them during the day. I take them off for nap time and put the same clothes back on. Then I threw their clothes into the wash after their nice fresh bathed bodies are in their PJ’s. 


I hope this list is helpful. It is a good reminder to me of the habits i need to form again. I love summer but I hate sun screen applications 🙂


– Lion


2 thoughts on “10 Summer Time Tips

  1. Good tip on the towel! I had one by our door all winter to wipe up melted snow and. I was going to put it away for the season, but I think I will keep it out. 🙂


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