going back to work early

My sister and I have had very diverse posts lately, hers on being in the “trenches” of having two kids and I going back to work and decorating a rental home.

When I have told a few people that I am going back to work (GASP) before my maternity leave is up (GASP) even though my son is 8 months old (GASP) and was born 6 weeks premature (GASP GASP). As you can tell by my sarcasm, these conversations usually end in someone not understanding how I could leave my child with someone else. This someone else being my new neighbour that I have only known for 2 months now (GASP).

I understand, most people wouldn’t take a job that doesn’t give you much more than maternity leave gave you, no benefits (which you had when you were on mat leave), and on top of that you are working 24 hrs a week (technically). If you knew me, you wouldn’t question why I chose this path of ending my maternity leave and working.

This is my explanation to those of you who want to listen. I LOVE YOUTH, I LOVE MY CHURCH, I LOVE COORDINATING EVENTS. I do love my son A LOT! and of course it is hard to see him have some first with my neighbour (going to the zoo, potentially starting more foods), but at the same time, I was already loving on my youth girls, and loving my church, and helping plan events for our youth group. So this roll that came up was an obvious answer when they asked.

If you know me, my daily life consists of 2 girls (sometimes more) coming over after school, eating dinner with me, playing apples to apples or skipbo or cheat, hanging out with my son, sometimes feeding him or getting him out from his nap, playing with him, and after he goes to bed I drive them home. This has been my daily regular, since moving back to Abbotsford I have been able to do daily life with youth that I have known for 2 years and love. So it was a natural role to go into when our Youth Pastor quit.

I have worked for just over a week now, and I love my new role, I have funds to take youth out, I have resources to plan awesome events and work with the other leaders I call friends. I get to go to high school plays that some of the other kids are in that are not in my small group, not because I couldn’t go before, but because they want me to go and see them.

being on maternity leave was great, sometimes not so great, but going to work part time has made me really cherish the time I spend with my son and my husband. I come home, play with my little owlet, he is super happy to see me. I have started establishing non-technology time, where I just put my phone and my computer away, and just spend one-on-one time in the mornings for around an hour, I have really enjoyed this one-on-one time. I can say with a smile, my relationships have been deeper,more loving, and I cherish every joy-filled moment.


– Owl



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