Family Painting

We are going to redo out children’s shared room this summer and I wanted to add some of their own little projects to the decore. Problem is that they are only 1 and 2. Not much obvious talent in the art department… yet! So I was inspired by an Instagram project I saw and decided … Continue reading Family Painting

Practice what you Preach

I have been thinking a lot about this topic since working with children. It comes up even more now that I have children, especially a daughter, of my own. What example are we setting for the next generation of children about their body image? It is kind of a general statement but it really covers a bunch … Continue reading Practice what you Preach

10 Summer Time Tips

WATER- Water is so important. Especially because children and babies don’t know how important it is. If a child says they are thirsty it means that they are already dehydrated. Some ways that I keep tabs on my children’s water intake is they each have their own water bottle. I refill it at each meal/snack … Continue reading 10 Summer Time Tips

Remember the Trenches

Dear Future Self, Remember that time when you became a mom? That first moment when you held your new born son in your arms and you couldn’t stop the tears. You weren’t sure if you were crying because you were relieved that your labor was finally over or if it was because your son was just … Continue reading Remember the Trenches