YouTube exercise

I never thought I would say that YouTube is helping me lose weight. I have been doing a couple YouTube video’s a day as well as playing or taking the dog for a walk. I am happy to announce that I have been able to wear a pant size smaller than a few weeks ago! I know that sounds drastic, I don’t think I was fitting the larger size perfectly, it was already a little loose, but I know I couldn’t zip up the size smaller. So the other day my pants broke and I decided to go pant shopping to get a new pair. I always try on more than one size, and two days ago, I can say that I could fit all the smallest sizes I brought in. It was a nice surprise.

I have been doing the YouTube videos, but I have also been trying to be more active, playing outside as well as snacking less.


– Owl


Yay!!!!! Great Job Sister!!



2 thoughts on “YouTube exercise

  1. What videos do you do? I really need to do some sort of exercise, and a gym membership doesn’t fit out budget currently, not to mention I have no clue when I would go.


    1. i usually look up specific areas i want to work on. for example on day i do thigh and waist slimming videos. athleanxxgirl? i think does at home with nothing needed accept a yoga mat to help with cushioning (i have hardwood so it helps me). i usually do each work out twice, and than move on to something else. like “muffin top” videos haha. but i mostly find female videos, as well as stretching videos, because i feel that stretching is important to do as well.


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